At the beginning of 2016, Lord Drake Kustoms presented a new line of Scrambler motorcycles called “Bultracker”. With this new line of motorcycle transformation, we wanted to offer other Harley Scrambler, somewhat different and with a “more retro look” to the previous range (the “Sportracker“).

Bultracker 04 Siebla

A Harley Scrambler with great interest in Harley Davidson dealers throughout Europe

The first of these was the Bultracker 13“, which before being finished had already been acquired by a Harley Davidson dealership in Belgium, so Fran Manen, the owner of LDK, decided to make another immediately. This second Sportster Scrambler, called Bultracker 17, also found an owner in Central Europe as soon as it was finished.

But the latter would be the unit that aroused the interest of the owner of the Harley Davidson Siebla dealership in Malaga. The owners of the two companies (Lord Drake Kustoms and Harley Davidson Siebla), after meeting each other, reached a joint work agreement.

A few months later, the Harley Davidson dealership in Malaga would entrust LDK with two transformed bikes with a Sportster 883 base (a Harley Cafe Racer and a Harley Scrambler: the “Bultracker 04 Siebla“.

The construction process of this Harley Scrambler 

This new Scrambler, reminiscent models of older off-road motorcycles. It stands out for its 21″ front wheel, greater height, more retro-looking tank and more classic and elegant colors (in this case red wine candy and silver). The number “04 “, is for the 4th anniversary of the motorcycles company Siebla who owns the brand Harley-Davidson in Malaga.

Bultracker 04 Siebla

For a few years, Lord Drake Kustoms is the company responsible for modifying and making custom motorcycles for several dealers of the American brand. Two of these dealerships Harley are in Miami (USA) where LDK has been in operation for almost eight years.

And since the opening of their new motorcycle transformation workshop in Spain (Malaga), almost two years ago, they made custom motorcycles for two Triumph dealers (one in England and one in Belgium) and Harley dealers in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

Data Sheet “Bultracker 04 Siebla”

  • Name: “Bultracker 04 Siebla”.
  • Base: HD Sportster 883 Custom.
  • Year: 2005.
  • Engine: 883cc of Carburation.
  • Chassis: Original modified.
  • Deposit: Made of metal.
  • Air filter: Drag classic.
  • Exhausts: 2:1 V&H Tracker.
  • Handlebar: Bmx 1″.
  • Transmission: Converted to chain.
  • Rear fender: Made of metal.
  • Side numbers: Made of metal.
  • Front fender: Made of metal.
  • Seat: Manufactured and upholstered.
  • Front suspension: Modified.                                  
  • Rear suspension: Air cushions +3″. 
  • Wheels: 21″ and 18″ wheels with tires off-road.
  • Others: License plate holder, Odometer, lower headlight, grips, footrests, turn signals in grips, etc.


You can order your own “Bultracker” model now!

BASE: HD Sportster 883 or any Sportster model.
STYLE: Scrambler / Street Tracker / Flat Track.

 TIME: 30–60 days approx. 
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our European location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.