Fran A. hails from southern Spain and founded LDK. It started with Frank simply doing what he loved: customizing motorcycles in his garage. He built his workshop from the ground up and through nothing more than hard work and dedication.

In 2003, he started out as a motorcycle custom painter whose hobby was Harley’s. After a few years, he started working toward his dream. He and a friend opened up a motorcycles service garage in South Spain. They did mostly service work, not much custom work.

But the ideas were brewing and when the opportunity came to move to USA, Frank packed up his wife and kid and moved to Miami, FL where he created and co-founded a motorcycle business.

After two year and a half, he decided he could build and customized bikes on his own, bringing his designs to life. With his creative eye for design, he went on to create some of the most amazing cafe racer, baggers, and custom bikes. LDK Miami was started…


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