The “SPORTRACKER” is a Harley Davidson Scrambler with V-Twin core and HD Sportster 1200 custom base. Manufactured by Lord Drake Kustoms in his Harley Davidson workshop in Malaga and which is probably one of the best motorcycle transformation workshops in Spain.

Sportracker Harley Scrambler

After the success obtained with the Sportster ScramblerSoulbreaker” (a Harley Scrambler made on another Sportster 1200), the owner of LDK, Fran Manen, decided to make a new version of this bike but somewhat less sophisticated.

The process of creating this Harley Davidson Scrambler “Sportracker”

The base chosen is a Sportster of carburetion 2005. It began using very simple wheels, 40 spokes in black gloss and kept the odometer on the handlebars like the oldest motorcycles, with nothing of digital elements as in the previous Scrambler.

Sportracker Harley Scrambler

All the graphic design and the work of painting and airbrushing of this motorcycle is very simple. The colors (white, black and orange details) were chosen by his eldest son (who was born in 2005) and hence the number “05” of the side plates.

The rear fender with the integrated pilot, as well as the front fender and the side numbers are handmade by Lord Drake Kustoms.

Next Sportster Scrambler Kit

Fran Manen tells us that soon they will start offering a Scrambler kit for Sportster and parts manufactured by LDK, so that any owner of a Sportster can turn it into a Street Tracker, Scrambler or Flat Track motorcycle.

Sportracker Harley Scrambler

The “Sportracker” is a custom motorcycle that has been built in the new motorcycle transformation workshop in Spain that is newly opened by Lord Drake Kustoms to cover its customers in Europe.

Technical Data

Name: “Sportracker”.
Style: Scrambler.
Brand: Harley Davidson
Model: 2005 Sportster 1200 Custom.
Engine: 1200 cc.
Transmission: Converted to chain by LDK.
Foot Controls: media, modified by LDK.
Front Wheel: 19 ”inches in gloss black.
Rear Wheel: 18 ”inches in gloss black.
Fuel tank: Peanut.
Front Suspension: Modified by LDK.
Rear Suspension: Increase +3 ”Air shock absorbers.
Front Fender: Manufactured by LDK.
Rear Fender: Manufactured by LDK.
Seat: Manufactured by LDK.
Escapes: 2:1 Vance and Hines.
Air Filter: Drag.
License plate holder: Manufactured by LDK.
Lighting: Front light, taillight joined mudguard.
Other Modifications: Handlebar, electrical wiring inside the handlebars, grips, handles, cap gasoline, covers horn, footrest, cables plugs, caps candles, mirrors …


You can order your own Harley Davidson Scrambler model now!

BASE: HD Sportster 1200/883 or any Sportster model
STYLE: Scrambler / Street Tracker

TIME: 30-60 days aprox. 
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our European location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.