We continue with our new batch of articles where we try to offer an answer to the different styles of custom motorcycles. Today we have to talk about one of the most demanded styles in recent years: that of Scrambler motorcycles.

“Scramble” is a term that means mixing, but also “fighting” or “short path”.

Thus, it is easy to assume that this word defines a type of motorcycle that serves both road or unpaved roads (offroad).

Let’s see below how and why these custom bikes were born.

Origins of Scrambler motorcycles

Although its origin can be traced to the Second World War, it was in England in the 60s when we witnessed its rise. The stage was the same where the famous Cafe Racer were born.

As we explained in a previous article about the history of the Cafe Racers, in the 50s and 60s an urban tribe of young rebels appeared in London who modified their bikes to win competitions. They were the Rockers.

These boys competed with each other with their custom bikes both in short journeys and in more official competitions, many of them held on the Isle of Man.

Many of them thought about shortening cross-country paths in their careers. That is why they put their bikes back in their garages to adapt them to the country environment.

It was in this way that those motorcycles evolved to what is now known as Scrambler style.

Already in the 60s and 70s, official motocross, enduro and trial competitions began to be held. These competitions help you to the popularity of this type of motorcycle.

Also recognized brands of motorcycle manufacturers began to market models based on this style such as Ducati or Triumph.

Cinema and music also helped to make Scrambler motorcycles known. It is only necessary to think about the famous scene of the escape of Steve McQueen in the movie The Great Escape or Elvis Presley playing an advertisement for Triumph Scrambler.

Steve McQueen in one of his races with a Scrambler
Elvis Presley poses for a Triumph Scrambler ad

Let us now know the characteristics that define this style.

Scrambler style features

We have already seen that to be a Scrambler motorcycle it is necessary to be modified for offroad roads. But for this to be possible, it is necessary that this motorcycle be light, robust and reliable.

Let’s see how these three essential factors are achieved:

  • Simplicity. Scrambler motorcycles are not designed to have all the details, their adventurous character drives them to keep only those essential details.
  • Weight reduction. Like their cousins, the cafe racers, these bikes need to do without unnecessary items.
  • Reduced tank. It is one more way to reduce the weight of the motorcycle.
  • Taco wheels. It is logical that a motorcycle that is destined to roll on dirt, dust, water or mud roads should have an excellent grip.
  • Padded seat. The comfort and the reduction of the impact before the bumps of the road are grateful for the pilot.
  • Wide handlebars. The maneuverability and a more comfortable position for the pilot was improved.
  • Exhaust pipe elevated. In this way it is avoided that you can suffer damage from the impact of stones due to the irregularity of the terrain.
  • Raised fenders. To prevent dirt and dirt from accumulating on the wheels.
  • Number plate. This detail is given by its competitive nature.

Scrambler LDK motorcycles

Lord Drake Kustoms has manufactured many Scrambler motorcycles in his long career. Their Bultracker model, based on Harley Davidson, are very famous.

You can see an article about Harley Davidson Scrambler motorcycles from Lord Drake Kustoms in this link. So today we are going to show some Scrambler style bikes modified by Lord Drake Kustoms from other brands.

BMW “Mardanis”

BMW "Mardanis" Scrambler
BMW “Mardanis”

Ducati SS Scrambler

Ducati SS Scrambler
Ducati SS Scrambler

Triumph “Guerrilla”

Triumph “Guerrilla”

Yamaha XT Scrambler

Yamaha XT Scrambler by Lord Drake Kustoms
Yamaha XT Scrambler


Today, custom motorcycles in Scrambler style are still one of the most demanded by our customers. This is due to its versatility by being able to have a motorcycle valid for both road and to get lost on unexplored roads.

Are you a Scrambler motorcycle lover? Tell us in the comments.

And if you want to have a motorcycle like this, we can help you with the project. You can bring us your motorcycle to do the transformation or we can also look for one. Contact us and we will advise you without any commitment.