On the 7th of May 2024, Lord Drake Kustoms was visited by Patricia Navarro, Delegate of the Andalusian Government in Malaga and the Mayor of Velez-Malaga, Jesus Lupiañez.

The delegate of the Andalusian government and the mayor of Velez-Malaga visit the Lord Drake Kustoms facilities.

Within the presentation of the record export figures in the province in the previous months, Patricia Navarro highlighted the good work that Lord Drake Kustoms has been doing in recent years, exporting motorbikes to the five continents. Being a reference, according to the delegate, not only in Vélez-Málaga, but also in the province, community, country and worldwide.

“He has become a reference in this sector, where he started by leaving everything behind and going to America in search of his dream. A born entrepreneur and now a great businessman who carries the name of Malaga and Andalusia all over the world. And with his work and activity he is doing his bit for the province’s export figures, where the leading sector is usually the agri-food sector”, said the government delegate.

Patricia Navarro in the workshop of Lord Drake Kustoms

For his part, the Mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Jesús Lupiañez, praised Francisco Alí Manén and his company Lord Drake Kustoms for their talent and good entrepreneurship. And above all, for being a magnificent example for young people who want to undertake their own projects.

Patricia Navarro, the Mayor of Vélez-Málaga and Fran Manen pose next to some Lord Drake Kustoms motorbikes