“A toda costa” from canal sur interviews fran manen

“A toda costa” from canal sur interviews fran manen

The team of “A toda costa”, a summer program on Canal Sur that travels through the most charming places in Andalusia, getting to know its people, went to the beach of Torre del Mar (Vélez-Málaga) to interview and meet Fran Manen.

Fran brought two of his latest creations to the beach, which the presenter was able to admire up close. These are theBMW R Springer “Survivor” and the Harley Davidson Springer Bobber Blue. They also went on a short motorcycle trip together.

Modification of BMW R NINE T

Modification of BMW R NINE T

This BMW R NINE T modification with WUNDERLICH accessories and other handcrafted details is more of a BMW motorcycle restyling job that Lord Drake Kustoms has done in our BMW transformation workshop in Vélez Málaga.

Right side view

At the rear, the first thing we have done has been to remove the rear fender with its original license plate holder and later we have proceeded to install a license plate support for swingarm to measure height from the brand of accessories for motorcycles BMW Wunderlich.

Rear wheel detail

We have installed the rear light and indicators behind the seat with the Wunderlich R nine T rear light bracket.

Tail lights detail

Up front, we’ve trimmed down the fender and painted the fender mount black as well as the headlight rim. We have removed the original mirrors and levers and replaced them with new BMW R nineT folding levers and mirrors on the homologated cafe racer motorcycle grips placed downwards. To finish the front we have installed a set ofbrake and clutch master cylinder covers, also from the Wunderlich accessories brand.

Front fender detail
Right Side Rear Top View

In the engine part we have installed a Wunderlich “Dakar” engine guard and some Puig brand engine guards for BMW R nine T and finally we have painted the air intake pipe in black powder.

BMW engine detail

A lockable helmet holder has also been installed on the side of the chassis and a Quad Lock phone mount with vibration reduction on the handlebars.

bmw nine t detail

The electrostatic powder painting works in the oven have been carried out by the company Metal Colors.

Right side rear view
rear top view

The idea was not to modify this BMW R nineT much, since it is a new motorcycle whose owner only wanted to improve its aesthetics and do a restyling. This motorcycle has practically left the official BMW dealership to go directly to our BMW transformation workshop in Vélez Málaga.



Choosing the best cafe racer and custom motorcycles of 2021 from Lord Drake Kustoms is difficult, since we have carried out motorcycle transformation in more than 40 units of all styles and brands throughout the year in our customization workshops.

Cafe racer, Scrambler and Bobber with Harley Davidson, BMW and Triumph bases have been the styles of custom bikes that we have worked the most; although we have also made motorcycle transformations with performance bikes or high performance motorcycles in our motorcycle workshop in Malaga such as a Yamaha MT01 and at the other extreme even a Vespa scooter modified for Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Custom motorcycles of all styles and brands define our work and this great variety makes us one of the most versatile motorcycle modification companies.

Although each of our motorcycle modification jobs has its own style and personality, in this post we are going to try to choose our best custom bikes of 2021 among all the scrambler, cafe racer, bobber or other motorcycle style that we have transformed.

Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms) tells us that more than the best cafe racer and custom bikes of 2021, we are going to talk about the favorites:

“SURVIVOR” If you were looking for a dream one; With this BMW cafe racer, the phrase “Your dreams come true” (your dreams come true) is the most accurate to define this work of transformation of a BMW motorcycle carried out in our workshop in Spain.

Front left side view
BMW R100 Springer “Survivor”

“SPRINGER BOBBER BLUE” … a whole Harley Davidson Softail transformed with bobber style and with a modern mechanical base (a twin cam from 2005) and an impressive look from a few decades ago.

Front Right Side View
Harley-Davidson Springer Bobber “Blue”

We were left with the “SPORTSTER BOBBER 02” customized for a client from Oviedo (Asturias) or the “SPORTSTER BOBBER FAT”, a Harley Sportster transformation that we have made for a client from the Calella (Barcelona) area who wanted to convert their custom Sportster 1200 on a forty eight bobber.

Gasoline tank and front detail
Sportster Bobber 02
Right side rear view
Sportster Bobber Fat

We continue with a Sportster scrambler called “SOULBREAKER MARTINI”; customized for a client in Germany… and finally we cannot forget the “HARLEY FUNDACION OLIVARES” a Sportster transformedwith cafe racer style to help theFundación Olivares de Málagain their fight against childhood cancer.

Front Right Side View
Soulbreaker Martini
Front Right Side View
Harley Fundación Olivares

Regarding the modification of TRIUMPH motorcycles, we are left with the “TRIUMPH MARDANIS” for a passionate customer of the “LOBO KING” in Murcia and the “TRIUMPH ARMY” customized for the owner of the company dedicated to creating spaces in maritime containers MY BOX EXPERIENCE.

Triumph Mardanis right-side view
Triumph Scrambler “Mardanis”
Triumph “Army”

As a summary we highlight the “BMW R100 OLIVE” for a customer in the Canary Islands and the “BMW R100 Bobber Blue” for a customer in Oklahoma (USA), the Harley Davidson Softail “BREAKOUT” or the Indian Scout Bobber 240

Front Right Side View
BMW R100 “Olive”
Side view
Harley-Davidson “Breakout”
Front left side view
BMW R100 Bobber “Blue”
LDK Indian Bobber Right Side View
Indian Scout Bobber 240

And so we could continue to list our favorite custom bikes of the year, but as we said at the beginning, choosing the best cafe racer and custom bikes of 2021 from Lord Drake Kustoms is almost impossible … because each of them has its own personality.



Yamaha XT Scrambler

This Yamaha XT Scrambler has been chosen among the 10 best scrambler bikes of 2021 in Bikebound Magazine. Lord Drake Kustoms’ motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga (Spain) has customized this XT 600 that has placed in the TOP 10.

Modifying a motorcycle to turn it into a scrambler has been very common for a few years and as always at LDK we adapt to new fashions or trends in terms of motorcycle customization, and we even try to stand out in each one of them.

Proof of this is this Yamaha XT 600, which arrived at our custom motorcycle workshop (in deplorable conditions) from a client who wanted to restore and transform the motorcycle into something different.

Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms), was very clear at the time… the motorcycle had to be transformed into a scrambler; Although this Yamaha does not belong to the group of typical high-performance motorcycles or performance bikes (Harley, Triumph, BMW, etc.) that we usually make in our motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga.

And the result was this nice scrambler bike that in January 2022 has been selected among the 10 best scrambler bikes of 2021 in Bikebound Magazine.The choice has been made according to the highest number of interactions, likes, etc; that custom bikes have had on the different social networks of the prestigious American motorcycle transformations magazine by their followers.

Yamaha XT Scrambler in Bikebound Magazine

So, really, the followers of Bikebound magazine around the world, have been in charge of placing our Yamaha XT Scrambler in the TOP 10 of the magazine, after choosing from hundreds of custom motorcycles published throughout 2021 worldwide.

You can see the full report published by this cafe racer and custom magazine; and also know the rest of scrambler motorcycles that have been chosen as the 10 best scrambler custom motorcycles of 2021 in the following link:

Transformation of an Indian Scout or Harley Davidson Sportster

Transformation of an Indian Scout or Harley Davidson Sportster

Deciding between a transformation of an Indian Scout or Harley Davidson Sportster is a question that customers present a lot in the Lord Drake Kustoms motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga (Spain).

Sportster transformed by Lord Drake Kustom

The first thing we say to customers is that they should take into account what style of custom motorcycle we are looking to obtain. And above all, before choosing an Indian or a Harley we must take into account which Sportster model is chosen as the base bike to customize.

Indian Scout transformed by LDK

For us, without a doubt the best motorcycle to carry out modifications and transformations is the Sportster when we talk about traditional models, marketed in Spain until 2021…. But if we talk about the new Harley Davidson Sportster 1200S, our opinion changes and a lot; It has nothing to do with using a traditional Harley Sportster model or the new Sportster 1200S model.

Harley Sportster customized by LDK

Francisco Alí Manén, owner of Lord Drake Kustoms’ motorcycle transformation workshops in Malaga and Miami, is a fan of Harleys, especially as motorcycle bases to customize.

Indian Scout transformation by LDK

But Fran himself tells us, that much to his regret; If when looking for a good motorcycle to carry out a transformation you have to choose between an Indian Scout or a Sportster 1200 S, for now perhaps he would opt for the Scout(always at levels of aesthetic results), because the Indian has more possibilities Modification of the new Harley 1200S and it also seems to us a custom motorcycle with more spirit and originality in its design than the Harley Davidson.

In summary, between the transformation of an Indian Scout or a Harley Davidson Sportster, for now the model that we see more limited when it comes to doing different modification and customization jobs is the Sporster 1200S.

Sportster transformed by Lord Drake Kustoms

If you want a bobber and even a cafe racer, you can perfectly use the Indian Scout or of course the traditional Sportster 883 or 1200 models.

But if you want a custom motorcycle with which you can make a scrambler, a brat or even something more custom chopper style; The traditional Harley Sportsters models are the only valid ones and with which you can also make authentic bobber and cafe racery motorcycles, they are easy and cheap to get in Spain.

Sportster transformation by LDK

The final answer is very easy and difficult at the same time; since if we take into account other factors (in addition to the final aesthetics) such as the age of the motorcycle, performance or budget; are other aspects that influence a lot when deciding between an Indian Scout or Harley Davidson Sportster transformation.

Modification and customization of an Indian Scout

Modification and customization of an Indian Scout

Lord Drake Kustoms made the first modification and customization of an Indian Scout cafe racer style at its facilities in Spain and since then its motorcycle transformation workshops in Malaga and Miami no have stopped customizing motorcycles of this mythical American model.

Left side view of LDK's Indian Scout Bobber

There are currently three variants of this model: the Scout, the Scout Bobber and the Scout Bobber Twenty. And for us they are undoubtedly the most customizable motorcycle model of the Indian brand; Equivalent to Harley Davidson Sportster models.

For Francisco Alí Manén (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms in Spain and the United States) the basic Indian Scout is the most recommended if you are going to carry out a very radical transformation of the motorcycle and especially that this custom modification includes the change of the original wheels … for example for a set of RC Components rims incorporating a 240 rear wheel for Indian Scout.

However, if you do not plan to change the original wheels of the motorcycle, Fran Manén recommends the Scout Bobber Twenty model, since this model has spoked wheels, which unlike alloy wheels, are the most versatile for their look for any Cafe racer or bobber transformation style.

In terms of motorcycle customization styles, Indian Scouts(regardless of the model used) are perfect for making Bobber bikes and even Cafe Racer bikes with a very sporty air.

But despite being a good motorcycle base to transform into a cafe racer or bobber, over the last few years, we have observed in our motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga that the owners of these American custom bikes prefer to make the modification and customization of an Indian Scoutalmost always with Bobber style, with a hanging single-seater seat and a wide rear wheel.

At LDK, we defend the idea that although it is a perfect motorcycle to make a bobber, you can get a spectacular cafe racer and even other types of custom motorcycle styles; since the potential of the Scout is enormous when it comes to customizing a motorcycle.

What we are very clear about is that the transformation of Indian Scout in Spain, whatever style it may be, is going to become one of the most popular motorcycle transformations in the future.