In this video and in just 3 minutes you can see the place where we make your dreams come true on two wheels

Lord Drake Kustoms has facilities in Malaga (Spain) and Miami (USA), from where it offers a motorcycle customization service and other services related to the world of two wheels to clients around the world.

Being a leading company in the world of motorcycle transformation and modification sector; and due to the high level of the work we do, over time, we have been forced to improve our infrastructure and facilities until we have one of the best motorcycle customization workshops.

Aerial view of LDK workshop

Custom Motorcycle Workshop in Spain

In our custom motorcycle workshop in Spain, we have a motorcycle parts and accessories store, a custom boutique with accessories for the motorcyclist, a cafe racer and custom motorcycle sales exhibition.

Parts and Accessories Store

Parts and Accessories Store

Lord Drake Kustoms boutique store in Malaga

Cafe Racer Boutique Store

And of course a huge workshop where we carry out all kinds of transformations of cafe racer and custom motorcycles in general, manufacture of parts and a workshop specialized in Harley Davidson and custom motorcycles.

Custom Workshop

Custom Motorcycle Workshop

There is no lack of our corporate offices and a client area … in short, almost 600 m2 dedicated to the world of custom motorcycles.

LDK office

Corporate offices

LDK customer area

Customer area

Motorcycle parts for sale at LDK

Custom Motorcycle Workshop in Miami (USA)

In our facilities in Miami (USA), in addition to the motorcycle manufacturing and customization workshop, we have a large exhibition of buying and selling used motorcycles of all kinds, accessories and spare parts store for motorcycles, repair workshop, rental service and Harley Davidson tours.

Custom motorcycle workshop in Miami

Custom Motorcycle Workshop

Exhibition and sale of motorcycles

Exhibition and sale of motorcycles

Motorcycle parts and accessories store in Miami

Accessories and spare parts store

Harley-Davidson rental in Miami

Harley-Davidson Rentals and Tours

We also have a purchase service in the main car and motorcycle auctions in the United States, transport and export to anywhere in the world and of course our corporate offices in the USA.

Miami car auction

Car auction

Corporate office in Miami

Corporate offices


We want to indicate that we also organize visits and guided tours for groups (educational centers, companies, organizations and clubs, etc.) and of course for clients, followers and friends and clients where they will be able to know our facilities and how is the complete process of transformation of a motorcycle from when it arrives at our custom workshop and until it is completely finished, going through all its working stages.

For those of you who are interested in visiting us physically, indicate that we do not attend walk-ins.

To request an appointment you can contact us by email, telephone or by filling in the following form:

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If you have 2 or 3 minutes and you want to know our custom motorcycle facilities and all its corners in detail (without leaving home), do not miss the video that you can see at the beginning of this page; in which Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kutoms) will accompany you on a guided tour of all the facilities.