Lord Drake Kustoms has extensive experience building Scrambler motorcycles from Harley-Davidson. You could say that they are a symbol of their brand due to the large number and quality of these custom bikes. In this article we will see how that idea came about (when nobody bet on it) and how it has evolved to this day.

A Harley Scrambler / Off Road

In 2014 and having just returned from Miami (USA) to open his new workshop in Malaga (Spain), Fran Manen decided to bet on a type of custom motorcycle almost nonexistent at that time. Tired of seeing custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles always in the same styles, he thought it would be great to be able to take your Harley-Davidson to the field. And so the idea was born that would lead him to modify a large number of Harley motorcycles in Scrambler style and would reap so much fame and prizes.

The Soul Breaker

The first Scrambler motorcycle he made was the “Soulbreaker”, named like that (soul-breaker) in homage to all those who thought such a project was impossible. All these bikes would be based on Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 or 1200 models. This scrambler won third place in the European Bike Shop held in Saint Tropez (France).

Soulbreaker, the first Harley scrambler of Lord Drake Kustoms.
Soulbreaker, the first Harley scrambler of Lord Drake Kustoms.

Some time later this off road motorcycle continued with the Soulbreaker 2.

Soulbreaker 2, a successor of the original.
Soulbreaker 2, a successor of the original.

Sportracker, a harley scrambler more sporty and contemporary.

Just after the first Soulbreaker began working on a second scrambler motorcycle, this time with a more street and modern line. It was the Sportracker, a motorcycle also based on Harley XL models.

Sportracker, a scrambler with a more urban touch.
Sportracker, a scrambler with a more urban touch.

A tribute for Evel Knievel

One day, Fran Manen was making sketches of ideas about motorcycles and remembered the famous acrobatic motorcyclist Evel Knievel. It was then, as on many other occasions, that his son, who at that time was only 9 years old, helped him choose the colors. Fran sent the sketch to several clients and fans who followed him and had an interest in his motorcycles. And it was Michel, a Frenchman from the west coast of France, who quickly got in touch with Fran and said – “That’s the motorcycle I want!”

And thus was born this motorcycle tribute “Evel Knievel” that followed the same line as its predecessors.

The original Scrambler "Evel Knievel" motorcycle.
The original Scrambler “Evel Knievel” motorcycle.

A couple more versions were sued later, the “Daredevil” and the “Evel Knievel 2”

Daredevil, a harley scrambler motorcycle tribute to evel knievel
Evel Knievel Scrambler
Evel Knievel 2

Soon, these first three motorcycles (Soulbreaker, Sportracker and Evel Knievel) became popular in such a way that they came to be considered by a Japanese magazine among the top 10 in the world in 2014.

Inside of Club Harley Magazine (Japan)
Inside of Club Harley Magazine (Japan)

Soon more Scrambler bikes

So far the first chapter of this article about LDK Scrambler motorcycles, in a few days we will continue with the famous Bultracker. All a badge of Lord Drake Kustoms. Do not miss it!

The Harley Scrambler Bikes by Lord Drake Kustoms (part two)