BMW R Sport Edition

Mar 11, 2022 | Bikes, BMW, Cafe Racer

After the success obtained with the BMW cafe racer SURVIVOR, Lord Drake Kustoms launches a more commercial and street edition called BMW R SPORTS EDITION, which has been customized in his BMW modification workshop in Spain.

The BMW SURVIVORbroke the mold when it was presented to the public and proof of this is that several units of the limited edition have already been sold in just 8 months. ButFran Manén, owner of LDK, has realized that the motorcycle is very successful but it is a cafe racer motorcycle for a very small public due to its exclusivity and high cost; it is also a customized motorcycle more of a museum than to drive with it.

For this reason, Francisco decided to bring out a cheaper and, above all, more versatile and street version… hence the new BMW R SPORT EDITION was born. The main differences are that it has aShowa fork instead of a Springer fork, the levers are not inverted and the rear shock absorber system.

The rest of the bike is practically the same except for some details such as the buttons, front turn signals or headlight. All the work has been carried out in the cafe racer workshop in Malaga (Spain) and from there more units of this new modified BMW R have begun to be sold and exported in a totally unique and exclusive way.

For the customization of these cafe racers with retro and even bobber airs, you can choose between BMW R100, R80, R65 and R45 base motorcycles… and you can choose different colors, upholstery finishes and details.

This new version of Lord Drake Kustoms’ BMW cafe racerhas been modified in such a way that it can be homologated without problems in Spain (this customized motorcycle is already homologated and with its respective ITV… except for the exhaust pipe!)

The chassis has been painted with electrostatic powder paint in the oven in broken white by the Metal Colors company, the rest of the parts have been bathed in gold or chrome. Many of the cafe racer accessories and parts for this custom bike are from the customiza tu moto store.


Do you like this bike? We can build one for you!

You have 2 options: We can provide you the bike (New or Pre-owned) and customization work or you can send us your bike to do the customization work. You can choose the colors, details, etc.

The motorcycles made ​​in our U.S.A. facilities (Miami, FL) have priced in USD dollars and those made in our Europe facilities (Málaga, Spain) are priced in euros.

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