This BMW R18 “BOBBER STEEL” customized in the Lord Drake Kustoms motorcycle modification workshop in Spain, has been the first R18 that we modified and it will not be the last because we are already working on the customization of two other motorcycles of the same model of the German brand.


The first thing was to remove all the components of this custom BMW R18 just out of the official BMW motorcycle dealer. Once naked, we studied the possibilities and basically the geometry of the chassis and the type of fuel tank makes it clear that this bike can be modified in many ways, but the best style that can be given is that of a Bobber bike.

BMW R18 Bobber Steel

It is evident that a scrambler motorcycle cannot be made… Can you imagine a modified BMW R18 with studded wheels and rolling on dirt tracks and rails? …”Hahaha, who knows, we will see it in the future” Francisco Alí Manén tells us laughing (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms).

Perhaps you can work on making a cafe racer motorcycle or at least with airs that remind you of this style of custom motorcycle or perhaps something more modern and sporty. The question that we decided to make it rather bobber…. hence the name BMW R18 BOBBER STEEL (and from its fuel tank that we have given it a raw metal finish and no steel-like paint).


The bobber style fenders for BMW R18 have been the first thing we have installed (both front and rear). Then we have installed a tracker type handlebar, with new Motogadget risers and indicators and mirrors on the grips.

detalle manillar

Tracker type handlebars

The next thing was to manufacture a license plate bracket with side arm for BMW R18 bobber, where we have installed some indicators and led pilot light 3:1 kellerman. Other details to highlight are a radiator cover and adjustable levers for BMW R18 from the Wunderlich brand.

We have manufactured the base and support of the bobber seat for BMW R18; accompanied by an upholstered seat finished in rhombuses or diamonds.

detalle puños

Motogadget grip

detalle asiento

Handmade seat

We have also modified the original exhaust pipe and installed new tailpipes that give this magnificent custom bike the sound it deserves.

detalle tubo de escape

Exhaust modified

detalle faro



The non-painted finish (in pure metal) of the fuel tank and some parts such as engine covers that we have painted in matt black powder paint.

detalle tanque


Finally we have carried out the Homologation of the reforms carried out in this beautiful and powerful BMW R R18 custom motorcycle “BOBBER STEEL”