This is the new Harley Davidson Fatboy Airwhite that has been transformed in the motorcycle customization workshop in Spain that Lord Drake Kustoms has located in Malaga.

Based on a 2011 Harley Fatboy

Fran Manen (owner of LDK), received an order from a client who already had this Harley Fat Boy of the Year 2011 and that he wanted to give it a touch of exclusive motorcycle and transformed but with a very important premise… it had to keep the two seats and be as comfortable as possible for the passenger.


At the front we opted for a handlebar apehanger for Harley Davidson of just over 1 inch in diameter, the entire front suspension was modified and improved and a new smaller metal front fender was made.

Handlebar detail

Handlebar apehanger

The fuel tank of the Harley Davidson Fatboy Airwhite it has remained original and at the rear the fender has been modified (which has been left ready to put a detachable backrest for Harley, has been made a license plate bracket with side arm for Harley Softail and the seat has been modified a bit, before being upholstered.

Gas tank detail

Original tank and modified seat

Front wheel detail

Front wheel detail

The rear suspension has been replaced by a Legend air suspension for Harley Davidson, which allows the suspension to be raised, lowered or adjusted to suit the driver… and the most important change has been the set of custom spoked rims (fat daddy) to which we have modified their measurements… mounting a 21-inch at the front with a 120 tire and an 18-inch rim with a 200 tire for the rear.

Exhaust detail

Air filter and short tail exhausts

A classic bobber style air filter together with the exhausts that have been modified keeping the original collectors and adapting short tails with a serious sound have been another detail that we have modified in this custom bike.


The “Fatboy Airwhite” sports a seat upholstery that has been made with micro-perforated imitation leather with diamonds with red thread.

The fuel tank has been painted in matte white and the rest of the parts and components of this converted motorcycle have been treated with electrostatic powder paint baked in the Metal Colors company.

Seat detail
Gas tank detail

Other parts

The rest of the components have been supplied by the online store of parts and accessories for Harley “Customiza tu Moto”