The Brat style was born in Japan in the 90s, so it is also known as Japan Style. Its creator, Go Takamine, mixed the concepts of the english Cafe Racer and american Bobber to create a lighter and more urban motorcycle.

They are usually custom motorcycles with a retro or vintage air, although today it is usual that this rule does not have to be fulfilled. Like Cafe Racer, they dispense with any added element, maintaining a minimalist appearance. However, it differs from the latter in that the comfort of the pilot also prevails.

Tokyo, cradle of Brat Style

Go Takamine arrived in Tokyo at the age of 18, where he began working in a paint and body shop. At 23, he was able to set up his own motorcycle customization shop and workshop that he called “Brat Style.”

Original “Brat Style” store in Tokyo (Japan)

Already in his workshop, Takamine developed a “modus operandi” of a different design than usual that ended up being imitated throughout the world.

This style was democratized under the name of bratstyle, so the name of its store “Brat Style” ended up becoming generic.

Brat style features

As we have said before, the Brat style collects elements of both Cafe Racer and Bobber. However, it brings its own differences, which makes these custom bikes a style in its own right.

Let’s look at some of the common features of Brat style motorcycles below.

  • Based on medium displacement motorcycles. The first Brat-style models that Takamine manufactured, were based on Japanese brand bikes. But the main reason for choosing medium displacement bikes is that the result is as light as possible.
  • Low Bikes. It is usual to lower the suspensions to balance the shape of the motorcycle, so that the line under the tank and the seat is as parallel to the ground as possible.
  • Wide tires and equal diameter to each other.
  • Spoke wheels.
  • Small diameter headlights.
  • Fine and flat two-seater seat. These bikes admit companion, since their seat is quite elongated and flat. They also tend to dispense with any type of tail.
  • The handlebars are usually higher than those of the Cafe Racer (designed for better aerodynamics with the inclined position of the pilot). In the case of Brat Style motorcycles, enjoyment and driving comfort prevail.

In summary, the Brat style looks for a fun, urban motorcycle with good maneuverability and retro look.

Brat Bikes today

As with other styles such as Cafe Racer, Bobber or Scrambler, today they mix with each other or provide new details.

Lord Drake Kustoms has also created Brat-style bikes or mixed with other styles with motorcycle bases like Triumph or Yamaha.

Bonneville Brat

Bonneville Brat, a custom triumph motorcycle like Brat by Lord Drake Kustoms
Bonneville Brat

Triumph “Copper Boss”

Triumph "Copper Boss"
Triumph “Copper Boss”


Scarface is a custom motorcycle with Triumph base in Cafe Racer and Brat style

This custom Triumph motorcycle like Cafe Racer and Brat was commissioned by Tom Kaulitz (leader of the Tokio Hotel group) and made a video where you can see him in action.

Triumph “Guerrilla”

Triumph "Guerrilla", custom Brat and Scrambler motorcycle by Lord Drake Kustoms
Triumph “Guerrilla”

Triumph “Blacktracker”

Triumph "Blacktracker is a custom motorcycle in Brat and Street Tracker style by Lord Drake Kustoms
Triumph “Blacktracker”

Fazer “Sixtino”

Yamaha Fazer "Sixtino"
Yamaha Fazer “Sixtino”


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