When the idea of ​​this Triumph Bonneville Scrambler came up, the owners of one of the largest Triumph dealerships in Europe (located in Belgium) visited Fran Manen to learn about his work and the facilities of Lord Drake Kustoms in Spain.

Triumph "Copper Boss" Scrambler

A special Triumph Bonneville Scrambler for a brand dealership in Belgium 

That visit became an agreement for LDK to begin the modification and transformation of motorcycles in a Cafe Racer and Scrambler style for the aforementioned Triumph dealership.

The first commission was a Triumph Bonneville of 2005 that should be different, very attractive and should be done in less than a month; since it was going to be the first Triumph motorcycle transformed for this dealership.

Triumph "Copper Boss" Scrambler

In addition, this custom motorcycle meant for the Triumph dealership the opening of a new section of sale of motorcycles transformed by LDK, so it must be the flagship … and the “Copper Boss” was the result.

The manufacturing process of this Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

They practically left the owner of LDK, full freedom to do what he wanted with the motorcycle and only gave him a note: “a motorcycle Street tracker or Scrambler but with very urban airs”.

And Fran Manen had it very clear: nothing of the typical black, gray or brown colors, nothing of heat wrap tape in the exhausts, nothing of long table seat, nothing of arc at the end of the chassis and nothing of Firestone Champion Deluxe tires… Elements that apparently have become characteristic in most Triumph Cafe Racer or Scrambler when they are customized, whatever their style.

The elegant ivory color was the basis for the painting of this transformed motorcycle. But for being the famous British brand, he decided to combine ivory with a tone “British racing Green” that resulted in a somewhat lighter but original green of Triumph motorcycles.

Triumph "Copper Boss" Scrambler

Finally, it was necessary to give the striking and lively touch, as well as vintage: the aged copper color was decisive for it. Because it was the first commission, the number “one” was placed and from there, the project began to be shaped.

A handcrafted fuel tank was completely incorporated for this Scrambler motorcycle. The entire rear section was made of metal with a somewhat different style than what we are used to seeing. The seat and its upholstery was entirely hand made for this motorcycle.

In addition, many other modifications and small details were made, such as the rear turn signals integrated within the motorcycle’s own chassis bars. The most important were the details and immaculate finishes, some outstanding details even in the last screw of the motorcycle.

This motorcycle was presented in Belgium at the dealership Triumph Wevelgem to the brand and the general public. Its good reception has caused a before and after in the concept of modification of these motorcycles.

Data Sheet “Copper Boss”

  • Motorcycle base: Triumph Bonneville.
  • Year: 2005.
  • Engine: 800 cc of Carburation.
  • Deposit: Steel made by LDK.
  • Filters: Open box with K/N filters.
  • Chassis: rear part and rear footrest trimmed.
  • Exhausts: Modified by LDK.
  • Handlebar: Made by LDK.
  • Rear: Manufactured by LDK in metal.
  • Seat: Manufactured and upholstered by LDK.
  • Front fender: Original modified.
  • Front suspension: Original modified by LDK.
  • Rear suspension: Higher Air Cushions.
  • Turn signals: Rear incorporated to the chassis and front in handlebars.
  • Rear light: Built into the tail.
  • Wheels: Continental tires off road.
  • Others: Mini odometer, oil meter watch, old copper details, gas cap, headlight with shallower depth, Avon grips, footrests, pinion covers.


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