A Triumph Cafe Racer look or a Motorcycle Racing 70-80 look-style, gold aged accents reminiscing power and money, customized by Lord Drake Kustoms in his Cafe Racer workshop in Miami and a “white snow” color that makes you don’t need words to make it sense… it’s Scarface! Elegant and fast, arrogant and luxurious.

Scarface Triumph Cafe Racer

If Al Pacino had ridden a motorcycle in the famous 1983 film, it would surely have been this: the Triumph Bonneville “Scarface”, customized by Lord Drake Kustoms (Miami, FL).

When we ask its creator and owner of LDK, Fran Manen, why that name, he answers the following: “What comes to mind if we mix 80s, money and power, drugs and the city of Miami? .. Scarface!”

A Triumph Cafe Racer full of details in its manufacture

This time a 2012 Triumph Bonneville T100 was the base chosen by Fran to make this Cafe Racer motorcycle. Whole back was made by hand from a metal sheet, using intermittent lenses of Harley Davidson touring models to manufacture the taillights.

The rear turn signals were integrated into the chassis tubes, which were cut and modified. The seat, chain cover, exhaust pipes and handlebars were also manufactured at LDK facilities.

Awards and a luxury owner

His first departure from the Lord Drake Kustoms workshop in Miami, was to get on a truck and go to the edition of the prestigious Custom Rat’s Hole Bike Show held in Leesburg Bikefest in 2013.

The result couldn’t be better; the second position in the Cafe Racer motorcycle category.

Scarface Triumph Cafe Racer

And it wasn’t first because it had a great competitor who snatched the first place … its older sister Harley Dyna Cafe Racer “Red Baron”.

A tribute to the great movie, to a great actor such as Al Pacino and to the city where Fran currently live: Miami. In addition, nowadays this Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer rolls through the streets of Hollywood where its owner Tom Kaulitz (guitarist of the rock group Tokio Hotel) resides.

Technical Data of the “Scarface” Triumph Cafe Racer

  • Base: 2012 Triumph Bonneville.
  • Name: Scarface.
  • Engine: 865 cc
  • Exhaust: manufactured by LDK.
  • Handlebar: by LDK.
  • Suspension: +2 inches rear shocks.
  • Rear Light: by LDK.
  • Rear Turn Signals: by LDK.
  • Rear Tail: manufactured by LDK (Steel).
  • Seat: manufactured by LDK.
  • Side Plate: manufactured by LDK.
  • Front Fender: modified by LDK.
  • Sprocket Cover: by LDK.
  • Paint, Powdercoat & Graphics: by LDK (jaguar green, white and satin brass).
  • Others: Joker gas cap, risers, headlight bracket and ignition bracket. Battistini grips RSD clarity covers & Clip Ons, led’s turn signals & rear light. Regina gold chain.

“Scarface” Gallery

You can order your own Triumph Cafe Racer model now!

BASE: Triumph Bonneville T100 or any Bonneville model.
STYLE: Cafe racer / Brat.

TIME: 60 days aprox. 
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