This Sportster Scrambler Flat Track is the first Harley transformed by Lord Drake Kustoms in tribute to the famous Evel Knievel. Although this motorcycle has been transformed into the Harley workshop in Malaga, it has gone to the roads of France.

Sportster Scrambler Evel Knievel

A man from France contacted Fran Manen (owner of LDK) almost a year ago; Just out of the Sportster Scrambler “Soulbreaker”. The man was interested in that type of Scrambler motorcycle and the work of LDK.

Meanwhile, in Lord Drake Kustoms they tried to do something new. A Harley Scrambler or Flat Track type but with a motorcycle airbrush more striking. One day, Fran Manen was sketching several ideas and graphics to make a Sportster Scrambler tribute to Evel Knievel (to the great American legend).

An important detail is that, as in other works of LDK, in this transformed motorcycle the son of Fran (Álvaro Manén with only 9 years) was the main designer of all the painting and airbrush work on this motorcycle.

Sportster Scrambler Evel Knievel

As always, he sent it to his contacts, clients and/or potential clients interested in the project he had just put on paper … and then the luck appeared … Michel (the famous French lord) saw the drawings and said: “That is the bike I want! the one you sent me in drawing, the tribute to Evel Knievel.

As he said, the current owner of the motorcycle, got on a plane to fly from France to meet Fran Manen and his Custom and Harley workshop in Malaga. Of course, the details were finalized to begin the project that would be carried out on abase Sportster 1200 custom from 2005.

After the meeting and the meticulous study of the 3 paper sketches that were initially made, the final sketch that would have to become a reality was obtained. And that was what happened two months later: the new “Evel Knievel” motorcycle, a Scrambler motorcycle manufactured by Lord Drake Kustoms, was released.


  • Name: “Evel Knievel”.
  • Style: Street Tracker/Scrambler.
  • Brand: Harley Davidson.
  • Model: Sportster 1200 C.
  • Transmission: Chain kit by LDK.
  • Foot Controls: central by LDK.
  • Brakes: DNA brake discs.
  • Front Wheel: 19” Rims 80 spokes.
  • Rear Wheel: 18” rims 80 spokes.
  • Gas Tank: Peanut 3.3 gallons modified by LDK.
  • Front Suspension: Modified by LDK.
  • Rear Suspension: +3” Piggy shocks.
  • Side Plate Number: steel handmade by LDK.
  • Front Fender: steel handmade by LDK.
  • Rear Fender: steel handmade by LDK.
  • Seat: by LDK.
  • Exhaust: 2:1 Vance and Hines.
  • Air Filter: drag classic.
  • Speedometer: Digital speedometer and gauge lights in handlebars riser.
  • Handlebar: flat track 1″ style.
  • Side Plate: by LDK.
  • Lighting: Headlight, rear light, turn signals…
  • Others: internal cables, grips, levers, gas cap, footpegs, sparkplug cables, mirrors, etc.


You can order your own Harley Sportster Scrambler now!

BASE: HD Sportster 1200/883 or any Sportster model.
Scrambler/Street Tracker/Flat Track.

TIME: 60 – 90 days aprox. 
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our European location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.