A long time ago, Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms) listened to his good friend John talking about his idea to do a Harley Evel Knievel in his LDK motorcycle workshop transformation in Malaga.

Daredevil Harley Scrambler

One afternoon they were chatting about the new electric bicycles and suddenly the “Evel Knievel” spark that had been out for some time jumped. “It’s time to do something with more gas” and that was when John commissioned Lord Drake Kustoms to begin shaping Daredevil from Evel Knievel, a Scrambler motorcycle tribute to the famous American jumper.

This is how the return trip from “DAREDEVIL” to earth began!

The base would be a Sportster 1200, but this time the acronym HD did not mean Harley Davidson… they said “Harley Daredevil” … that fits like a glove.

To give an air Sportster Scrambler more retro, the modified Peanut-style tank was combined with a 21″ front tire. The graphics and colors were very easy to choose: the helmet and cape served as inspiration.

Daredevil Harley Scrambler

As always, there were three requirements by LDK in its motorcycles: Simplicity, Elegance and Class“Less is More”.

Currently, this Harley transformed with Scrambler style and perfectly reminiscent of an Evel Knievel motorcycle, is located in Belgium where its owner has sent it to attend various events related to the world of two wheels.

“Daredevil” Technical Sheet

  • Moto: HD Sportster 1200 Custom.
  • Year: 2005.
  • Engine: 1200 cc of Carburation.
  • Deposit: modified Peanut.
  • Air filter: Black Duck.
  • Chassis: Original modified.
  • Exhaust: 2:1 V&H.
  • Handlebar: Bmx 1″.
  • Transmission: By chain by LDK.
  • Rear fender: Manufactured by LDK in metal.
  • Seat: Manufactured and upholstered by LDK.
  • Front fender: Manufactured by LDK in metal.
  • Front suspension: Original modified.                     
  • Rear suspension: Air cushions +3 “.
  • Wheels: 21″ and 18″ with tires off road.
  • Others: Odometer, lower headlight, grips, footrests, turn signals, front sprocket covers, etc.


You can order your own “Evel Knievel” model now!

BASE: HD Sportster 1200 or any HD Sportster model
STYLE: Scrambler/Street Tracker/Flat Track

TIME: 30 – 60 days aprox. 
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our European location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.