The Harley Scrambler Bikes by Lord Drake Kustoms (part two)

In our previous article we saw how the first Harley Scrambler bikes from Lord Drake Kustoms gained worldwide recognition.

Next we will tell you how the custom bikes called Bultracker were born and why they became a brand in itself for Lord Drake Kustoms.

The arrival of the Bultracker

In 2015, Fran Manen decided to continue with the scrambler motorcycle project, but this time he wanted to do something with a more retro look. It was then, when he remembered the Spanish motorcycles Bultaco, specifically in his model Bultaco Matador. And hence the name of Bultracker emerged to define these custom bikes that would arrive later.

The first was the Bultracker Ring 13, which ended up doing with a good Belgian friend (owner of an HD dealership in Brussels). The name Ring 13 comes from the location of that dealership.

LDK Bultracker Ring 13
Bultracker Ring 13, the first LDK Bultracker

The Bultracker 17 also ended up in Belgium, as another client ordered it after seeing the results of the Ring 13.

Bultracker 17
Bultracker 17

Another Harley dealership, this time in Malaga, commissioned the third Bultracker, the Bultracker 04 Siebla. The name Siebla comes from the name of the dealer and the number is for its fourth anniversary.

Bultracker 04 Siebla
Bultracker 04 Siebla

And so a great number of Scrambler models based on these Bultracker were happening over the years.

As you can see, each new Bultracker has a number assigned. This is not random, but has to do with a client request.

However, there was a Bultracker in which Fran Manen decided to self-dedicate it, baptizing it with his year of birth. This is the Bultracker 75.

LDK Bultracker 75
Bultracker 75

In 2019, the latest Bultracker model was realized so far. This is the Bultracker 47, a motorcycle that was based on the Soulbreaker at the request of the client, a great follower of Lord Drake Kustoms years ago. He also wanted this motorcycle to take the colors of the classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Bultracker 47 by Lord Drake Kustoms
Bultracker 47

HD Scramblers with a more modern or contemporary line.

Finally, if we had to choose a couple of HD scrambler models outside the Bultrackers, maybe they would be Urbantracker and Seventy.

These two models presented more modern design lines, away from the retro style that the Bultrackers represented.

Seventy, is based on the design of rally racing cars between the 70s and 90s. Martini Rossi sponsored these rallies and that is why this motorcycle takes those characteristic three-color bands with blue, light blue and red.

Seventy, a motorcycle created by Lord Drake Kustoms
Seventy front view
Seventy, a motorcycle created by Lord Drake Kustoms
Seventy rear view

Urbantracker by his side, plays more with the surfer and Californian details. A motorcycle that could well be seen on the beaches of Malibu … and with that number …

Urbantracker by Lord Drake Kustoms

Both models were awarded at different Harley-Davidson festivals. Seventy won the 6th place in the modified Harley category at the AMD World Championchip held in 2018 in Cologne (Germany).

For its part, Urbantracker obtained this 2019 the second place in the Sportster category in the European H.O.G. Harley Davidson Bike Show Rally in Cascais (Portugal).


We are proud to see so many happy customers with their Scramblers out of our workshops at Lord Drake Kustoms. If we can assure you of anything, we will continue customizing scramblers in the future.

And you? Are you from Scrambler? What is your favorite model? Leave us your impressions in the comments.

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