The customization of cafe racer bikes with Harley Davidson bases is not very common, however Lord Drake Kustoms has been one of the pioneer companies in the transformation of Harley into a cafe racer.

In 2009, the owner of Lord Drake Kustoms (Francisco Alí Manén) wanted to customize a motorcycle with a Harley Davidson base that would not turn out to be the typical bobber, chopper or custom motorcycle, which were made to date with the legendary bikes. American brand.

He wanted to show that Harleys could also be transformed into other, more current styles of custom bikes such as the cafe raceror the scrambler. And this idea by Fran Manen and without thinking, was the beginning of a new trend in the world of Harley Davidson transformations.

LDKbegan to take a turn in its motorcycle customization workshops, to start transforming Harley Davidson motorcycles into cafe racer style motorcycles that was something unthinkable until now; since the cafe racer was something typical of motorcycles of Japanese or English brands.

LDK Cafe Racer bikes

And the best way to start this turn and show the world that the transformation of Harley Davidsoninto cafe racer motorcycles was possible to do it with a Harley model that was not usual for this type of motorcycle modification: specifically we talked of the Dyna Low Rider model.

Red Baron by Lord Drake Kustoms
Dyna “Red Baron”

With this Dyna Low Rider (called “Red Baron”), Lord Drake Kustoms became one of the first motorcycle customizers in the world to carry out the cafe racer transformation of a Harley Davidson with a Big Twin engine.

And proof of this is that this custom motorcyclein its first public appearance, which was at the prestigious Custom Bike Show Rat’s Hole in Daytona Bike Week in 2013, caused such a furor that it was the winner of the world-renowned bike show in the cafe racer category where it competed. with numerous cafe racer motorcycles of English and Japanese brands .

Dyna Red Baron
Fran Manen presenting the Red Baron at Daytona Bike Week 2013

Then this Harley Davidson cafe racer won in all the custom bike shows in the United States in which it was presented, including another edition of Rat’s Hole held in Leesbug (Florida) where it was once again chosen the best cafe racer motorcycle.

The “Harley Red Baron Cafe Racer” ended up on the cover of the prestigious Iron Works Magazine (USA) and was covered or appeared in other magazines such as Biker Zone Magazine (Spain), Dream Machines (Germany) or American V magazine (U.K)

"Red Baron" was the cover of American magazine Iron Works in 2013
Red Baron was featured on the international magazine Iron Works

From that moment on, Lord Drake Kustoms began to stand out worldwide for his work on transforming Harley Davidson motorcycles into cafe racerand there have been many Harleys that have been modified to this day in their motorcycle modifications and transformations workshops in Spain(Malaga and Madrid) and the United States (Miami).

“Goldfinger”, “Racing is life”, “For Brave People”,“Stormracer” or the “Siebla Racer” are some of our most outstanding Harley Sportster cafe racer.

Sportster Goldfinger
Racing is Life Sportster Cafe Racer
Racing is Life
My Toro - For Brave People - Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer
For Brave People
Stormracer Harley Softail Cafe Racer
Siebla Racer Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer
Siebla Racer

And of course we cannot forget the impressive Sportster cafe racer “Speedster”, with which Fran Manen was proclaimed Runner-up of the Harley Davidson World Customization Championship in 2018, at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building that was held in Cologne (Germany ).


The cafe racer modifications and transformations on Harley Davidson that Fran Manen has carried out have set a precedent in the world of motorcycle customizers in Spain, the United States and many other countries and have made Lord Drake Kustoms one of the best cafe modification workshops. racer around the world.