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This Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer is a motorcycle transformed into the custom motorcycle workshop in Malaga by Lord Drake Kustoms and was commissioned by the owner of the Spanish clothing brand “My Toro.

“My Toro”, is a clothing company from Malaga, created in 2013 that in a record time begins to make its strong way in this sector. Part of that success is because everything is 100% Spanish.

The idea of ​​the co-owner of the brand was to entrust Fran Manen a LDK motorcycle for the promotion of the new and successful clothing brand; a custom motorcycle MyToro“.

After knowing the idea of Fran Manen, about a limited series of Cafe Racer motorcycles and seeing the transformed Sportster “Racing is Life”, which was already sold, the owner decided to start by becoming a personal motorcycle and that was number two of the series.

For the painting and airbrushing of this motorcycle, the colors of a well-known brand of tobacco (white, red and gold) were chosen. The name chosen by the owner for this Sportster Cafe Racer “For Brave People” is the slogan of the My Toro brand.

My Toro - For Brave People - Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer

In this case, the client did not want many changes with respect to the first of the series (the Gulf), except in the colors and details as in the rear pilots or the anti-heat tape in the leaks.

My Toro - For Brave People - Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer
My Toro - For Brave People - Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer
My Toro - For Brave People - Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer

According to the owner of LDK, Fran Manen, in the third unit of the series there will be many changes and colors very, very well known … but that’s another story!


You can order your own Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer model now!

BASE: HD Sportster 883 or any Sportster model.
STYLE: Cafe Racer / Custom.

TIME: 30 – 60 days approx. 
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our Europe location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.


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You have 2 options: We can provide you the bike (New or Pre-owned) and customization work or you can send us your bike to do the customization work. You can choose the colors, details, etc.

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