Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles

Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles

The transformation and modification of BMW motorcyclesdoes not stop growing around the world, but sometimes achieving the cafer racer of your dreams with a BMW motorcycle of the R or even K series, begins to be more and more difficult due to the shortage of motorcycles BMW in good condition.

Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles

The amount of work in the modification of BMW cafe racer motorcycles carried out by motorcycle transformation workshops and even individuals has led to the second-hand market for these motorcycles becoming scarcer, expensive and of poorer quality.

Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles
Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles

Now Lord Drake Kustoms customers, don’t have to worry about searching BMW R100 or K75 motorcycles (for example) to be able to get the cafe racer of your dreams; as we take care of finding the base bike for you and also putting it fully ready before doing the customization work in the cafe racer or scrambler style.

Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles
Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles

The incorporation to our team of two mechanics specialized in BMW motorcycles and having our own motorcycle painting and sandblasting service allows us to completely disassemble a BMW to restore it thoroughly, both mechanically and aesthetically; before making the cafe racer modification that the customer wants.

Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles
Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles

This allows us to provide a specialized workshop service for BMW motorcycles, as well as cafe racer or scrambler modifications and transformations. And of course all this with their respective mechanical and cosmetic guarantees.

Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles
Transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles

It doesn’t matter if a BMW R100 cafe racer or a BMW K100 scrambler. Now you just have to worry about ordering us the scrambler or cafe racer of your dreams regardless of the custom BMW motorcycle you want, because Lord Drake Kustoms takes care of everything: purchase of the motorcycle, set-up, transformation and modification, homologation and ITV, transfer and delivery to your home.

Best BMW Cafe Racer customized by LDK

Best BMW Cafe Racer customized by LDK

It is difficult to choose between the best BMW cafe racer customized by Lord Drake Kustoms; because the transformation and modification of BMW motorcycles in Spain that we have carried out in the last 5 years is very wide and varied.

Lord Drake Kustoms BMW R65 Cafe Racer

The BMW cafe racer modification has many variants, starting with the bases to be used which can be BMW of the K series or BMW of the R Series. In our BMW preparation workshop in Spain we have carried out customization work on BMWR100 models. r80, r65, r45, r100r, r80r, r1100s, r1150, r850r and r1200s; and of course BMW K100 and K75.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer by Lord Drake Kustoms

In this post, we have tried to choose some of them as an example of how we can make the cafe racer of your dreams a reality with a BMW R or BMW K base, even mix different styles of motorcycle customizations such as the Brat, the Scrambler and the own Cafe Racer.

BMW R100 Scrambler by Lord Drake Kustoms

BMW Cafe Racer customized

In 2013, Lord Drake Kustoms opened a new cafe racer workshop in Malaga (his second headquarters, after the one he has in Miami); And this meant that Spanish and European customers could more easily access the modifications and cafe racer bikes that LDK used to make with BMW bases since its inception in the United States.

BMW K100 Racer

The increase in orders for cafe racer motorcycles was so great after the opening of the motorcycle customization workshop in Spain (and especially BMW and Triumph modifications), that we are currently preparing the opening in Madrid, of what will be our third transformation workshop of BMW motorcycles (along with that of Miami and Malaga).

BMW R65 blue

Surely, you have seen one of our BMW cafe racer or the motorcycle of your dreams in magazines like Cafe Racer World or other internationally famous magazines; as some of the BMW café racer that we have modified in recent years have set trends and been very successful

BMW K1 Cafe Racer

And of course, if you visit our custom motorcycle section on our websiteyou can discover where to customize your Cafe Racerstyle motorcycle in Spain and order the cafe racer of your dreams with just one call.

Perhaps the largest Cafe Racer Workshop in Spain

Perhaps the largest Cafe Racer Workshop in Spain

Perhaps the largest cafe racer workshop in Spain is Lord Drake Kustoms’motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga. In which, we have carried out a large expansion work that we have recently finished and that currently has almost 600 m2 of facilities.

Best Cafe Racer Workshop

Although for us, the important thing is not the size of a custom motorcycle cafe racer workshop. What is truly important is the quality of the motorcycle modification and transformation work carried out and the quality of the service we offer to our customers.

Entrance to LDK workshop
Lord Drake Kustoms Workshop
LDK cafe racer workshop
motorcycle hall

It is true that due to the large number of custom motorcycle orders we have and to maintain a high level of quality in our cafe racer motorcycle modification work in Spain, we have had to expand our facilities. But that is just one of the many points that can influence when making good motorcycle customizations in Madrid, in Malagaor anywhere in the world.

LDK customer area
LDK customer area

In this post you can see numerous images of how our new cafe racer temple in Spain has been, specifically in Malaga: custom workshop area, cafe racer store, manufacturing and painting area and parts, exhibition of custom motorcycles of scrambler styles, brat, etc.

Lord Drake Kustoms boutique store in Malaga
Lord Drake Kustoms customer area
Lord Drake Kustoms cafe racer shop
LDK office

New cafe racer workshop in Madrid

We are currently working on remodeling the premises that will be our second cafe racer motorcycle workshop in Madrid, which we hope to open very soon and which will allow us to provide a better service to all lovers of custom motorcycles in Spain.

LDK Workshop

More advanced machinery and tools, more square meters of surface, but the most important thing in Lord Drake Kustoms, is the skilled workforce and the passion for this job: motorcycle transformations regardless of whether it is a simple modification ofBMWR100, a Triumph cafe racercustomization or a Harley Davison Bobbermakeover.

Lord Drake Kustoms is the best motorcycle workshop
New Cafe Racer Workshop in Madrid: the capital of Spain

New Cafe Racer Workshop in Madrid: the capital of Spain

A new cafe racer workshop in Madrid(Spain) will open its doors very soon by Lord Drake Kustoms; and it will become the third motorcycle transformation workshop of the brand owned by motorcycle customizer Francisco Ali Manen.

Fran Manen at his next cafe racer workshop in Madrid

Currently, LDK has two motorcycle customization workshops located in Spain (Malaga) and in the United States (Miami, which was the brand’s first workshop and the one that has given it a boost worldwide).

Cafe racer helmet showcase at the next LDK workshop in Madrid
View of the assembly of the facilities of the new Lord Drake Kustoms motorcycle workshop in Madrid

The constant increase in orders and orders for BMW or Triumph cafe racer motorcyclesfor customers from the entire northern half of the country and especially from the capital, has led to the decision to open a third cafe racer workshop in Spain.

Collection of custom motorcycles in Lord Drake Kustoms workshop in Madrid

We are already working on the preparation of the facilities of what will be the new temple of the motor and the cafe racer in Madrid and that will have a modification and transformation workshop for BMW, Triumph, Harley Davidson and any other brand.

View of part of the surface of the new LDK cafe racer workshop in Madrid
Decorative elements of the new LDK workshop in Madrid

In this new motorcycle modification workshop in Madrid, we will work on all styles: Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Brat, Bobber, etc; and we will be specialized in the customization and modification of BMW R, Triumph Bonneville or Harley Davidson Sportster models.

Cafer racer motorcycles in Madrid at Lord Drake Kustoms workshop

We will also have a cafe racerand custom boutique store with clothing, parts, accessories and all kinds of accessories.

Showcase of helmets and in the background the bar for Lord Drake Kustoms' cafe racer workshop in Madrid

And of course we will have a place where all lovers of the world of custom motorcycles and motorcycles in general can meet, have a coffee and talk about what we like the most: motorcycles, cars and everything that has a gasoline engine!

Classic motorcycle in the new LDK workshop in Madrid

Despite the fact that the current situation caused by COVID-19 has delayed the work of our new premises a bit, we continue to advance little by little and we hope very soon to invite you to visit the new temple of cafe racer in Spain that we are preparing with great enthusiasm.



The customization of cafe racer bikes with Harley Davidson bases is not very common, however Lord Drake Kustoms has been one of the pioneer companies in the transformation of Harley into a cafe racer.

In 2009, the owner of Lord Drake Kustoms (Francisco Alí Manén) wanted to customize a motorcycle with a Harley Davidson base that would not turn out to be the typical bobber, chopper or custom motorcycle, which were made to date with the legendary bikes. American brand.

He wanted to show that Harleys could also be transformed into other, more current styles of custom bikes such as the cafe raceror the scrambler. And this idea by Fran Manen and without thinking, was the beginning of a new trend in the world of Harley Davidson transformations.

LDKbegan to take a turn in its motorcycle customization workshops, to start transforming Harley Davidson motorcycles into cafe racer style motorcycles that was something unthinkable until now; since the cafe racer was something typical of motorcycles of Japanese or English brands.

LDK Cafe Racer bikes

And the best way to start this turn and show the world that the transformation of Harley Davidsoninto cafe racer motorcycles was possible to do it with a Harley model that was not usual for this type of motorcycle modification: specifically we talked of the Dyna Low Rider model.

Red Baron by Lord Drake Kustoms
Dyna “Red Baron”

With this Dyna Low Rider (called “Red Baron”), Lord Drake Kustoms became one of the first motorcycle customizers in the world to carry out the cafe racer transformation of a Harley Davidson with a Big Twin engine.

And proof of this is that this custom motorcyclein its first public appearance, which was at the prestigious Custom Bike Show Rat’s Hole in Daytona Bike Week in 2013, caused such a furor that it was the winner of the world-renowned bike show in the cafe racer category where it competed. with numerous cafe racer motorcycles of English and Japanese brands .

Dyna Red Baron
Fran Manen presenting the Red Baron at Daytona Bike Week 2013

Then this Harley Davidson cafe racer won in all the custom bike shows in the United States in which it was presented, including another edition of Rat’s Hole held in Leesbug (Florida) where it was once again chosen the best cafe racer motorcycle.

The “Harley Red Baron Cafe Racer” ended up on the cover of the prestigious Iron Works Magazine (USA) and was covered or appeared in other magazines such as Biker Zone Magazine (Spain), Dream Machines (Germany) or American V magazine (U.K)

"Red Baron" was the cover of American magazine Iron Works in 2013
Red Baron was featured on the international magazine Iron Works

From that moment on, Lord Drake Kustoms began to stand out worldwide for his work on transforming Harley Davidson motorcycles into cafe racerand there have been many Harleys that have been modified to this day in their motorcycle modifications and transformations workshops in Spain(Malaga and Madrid) and the United States (Miami).

“Goldfinger”, “Racing is life”, “For Brave People”,“Stormracer” or the “Siebla Racer” are some of our most outstanding Harley Sportster cafe racer.

Sportster Goldfinger
Racing is Life Sportster Cafe Racer
Racing is Life
My Toro - For Brave People - Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer
For Brave People
Stormracer Harley Softail Cafe Racer
Siebla Racer Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer
Siebla Racer

And of course we cannot forget the impressive Sportster cafe racer “Speedster”, with which Fran Manen was proclaimed Runner-up of the Harley Davidson World Customization Championship in 2018, at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building that was held in Cologne (Germany ).


The cafe racer modifications and transformations on Harley Davidson that Fran Manen has carried out have set a precedent in the world of motorcycle customizers in Spain, the United States and many other countries and have made Lord Drake Kustoms one of the best cafe modification workshops. racer around the world.

The best Custom Bikes and Cafe Racer 2020

The best Custom Bikes and Cafe Racer 2020

In this post we present you thebest custom bikes and cafe racer 2020 that Lord Drake Kustoms has customized in his motorcycle transformation workshop in Spain and Miami.

For this we have made a selection from among all the motorcycles modified during a year that has been marked by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world.

There have been more than 35 jobs and transformed motorcycles that have passed through our custom workshops in Spain and the USA in 2020 and among all of them we have chosen 15 units that we present in this post.

Among the custom bikeswe have chosen there are several cafe racer, scrambler, bobber and custom transformationsmade with Harley Davidson and BMW motorcycles mainly. Although we have also highlighted a Triumph Bonneville cafe racer with aires Brat, a Royal Enfield and a scrambler-style Yamaha XT and a legendary Suzuki GS750.

The custom bikes and cafe racer of 2020

We started the year presenting a spectacular BMW R100 cafe racer with scrambler tires.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer DM by Lord Drake Kustoms
BMW R100 Cafe Racer with Scrambler wheels

We continue with a Suzuki GS750 cafe racer modified in a millimeter way to respect the essence of this style. And a Yamaha XT 600scrambler with a total transformation with flat track airs and street tracker.

Then came the first Harley Davidson transformation of the year, a Sportster cafe racer with a very retro air.

Sportster Cafe Racer
Harley Sportster Cafe Racer

And we continue with one of the star projects of the year, a spectacular BMW K1 with its own style and that has nothing to do with the typical BMW k100 cafe racer seen to date.

BMW K1 Cafe Racer
BMW K1 Cafe Racer

Very soon we were invaded by the work of modification and transformation of BMW R motorcycles, from which three precious things came out: A BMW R100 color “British Racing Green”, a mixture of cafe racer with scrambler and bobber, a full-rule BMW R65 cafe racer en in a matt blue color and one BMW R100R scrambler.

BMW Racing "Green"
BMW Racing “Green”

Another of the star projects of the year has been the transformation of a Harley Davidson Vrod, to which in addition to an inverted fork and a spectacular bodywork, we added a spectacular 360 rear wheel kit for Vrod.

Side view from left to right of the Vrod 360
Harley VRod 360

TwoSportster bobbers continue on the list of custom Harley Davidsons. The first a totally black Sportster 883 lowwith custom tires. And the second a Sportster Forty Eight elegantly transformed with a light gray tank.

We finish this list of the best cafe racer and custom motorcycles of 2020 by Lord Drake Kustoms, with the motorcycle customization work carried out on 4 totally different brands and with a result of also uneven styles: A Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 scrambler, a Harley Davidson Softail Bobber, a Triumph Bonneville Brat and a BMW R100 cafe racer.

Royal Enfield Scrambler
Royal Enfiled Scrambler
Triumph Brat
Triumph Bonneville Brat

Unlike other motorcycle customization and transformation workshops in Spain, it is clear that in LDK’scafe racer and custom workshops, there are no limits when transforming or modifying a motorcycle, whatever the brand or style that is desired.

Cafe Racer in Spain

Cafe Racer in Spain

The cafe racer fashion in Spain is something that is on the rise despite the fact that this type of motorcycle transformations have been hitting hard all over the world for several years.

Suzuki GS750 Cafe Racer
Suzuki GS750 Cafe Racer

Number of motorcycle customization workshops in Spain have gone from carrying out modification work on custom or Harley Davidson motorcycles to carrying out cafe racer transformations with Triumph or BMW motorcycles, to name a few examples.

Lord Drake Kustoms BMW R65 Cafe Racer
BMW R65 Cafe Racer

At Lord Drake Kustoms we have a cafe racer workshop in Spain (in Malaga and Madrid) and also in Miami (USA).

BMW K100 Racer
BMW K100 Cafe Racer

It was precisely in our custom motorcycle workshop in Miami where we created our first cafe racer motorcycles in 2009 and 2010 with Triumph Bonneville bases and especially Harley Davidson Sportster.

Red Baron by Lord Drake Kustoms
Dyna “Red Baron”

However, in our custom workshop in Spain we have gradually increased the production of BMW and Triumph cafe racer motorcycles over the years; These brands are the most chosen for this style of motorcycles transformed in Spain, especially the BMW R100.

BMW R65 “Blue”

The rise of this style has been such that it has become a culture or a casual fashion that has reached the vast majority of the population.

Since this “cafe racer culture or fashion” has allowed the world of cafe racer or custom motorcycles to be attractive to many people who, before the resurgence of this movement, would never have noticed a motorcycle or even less thought about having one. .

Siebla Racer Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Racer
Siebla Racer

Cafe Racer: not just motorcycles but a way of fashion

In addition, the cafe racer movementhas not only brought us beautiful motorcycles transformed in Spain, but has managed to create something much more affordable and popular for anyone on the street: A way of dressing and a style of clothing.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer by Lord Drake Kustoms
BMW R100 Cafe Racer

As happened with the surf brands in the 80s and 90s, now it is very easy to see many cafe racer stores in Spain, where custom motorcycles are only mere decorative items in a showcase or exhibition that really sells are t-shirts jackets, caps or many other accessories from cafe racer brands such as Deus Ex Machina or Lord Drake Kustoms.

Yamaha XJ 550 Cafe Racer
Yamaha XJ 550 Cafe Racer

In 2014 we opened our first cafe racer store in Spain (Malaga) with our own brand and clothing line, which we expanded in 2019. And we are currently working on the opening of a second cafe racer store in Madrid that will also have a motorcycle customization workshop.

Triumph Scrambler “Mardanis”

Triumph Scrambler “Mardanis”

The modification and transformation of a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle in Spain in Scrambler or Cafe Racer style is something that Lord Drake Kustoms has been doing for more than a decade in his two workshops specialized in customizing Triumph motorcycles in Malaga and Miami (USA).

But this Triumph Bonneville T100 modified and converted into a scrambler motorcycle it isn’t a Triumph whatever… just in a “MARDANIS”. It is the third unit in a series of motorcycles dedicated to King Wolf Ibn Mardanis of Murcia (The first motorcycle in this series was a BMW R1200S and the second a Vespa)

Triumph Mardanis right-side view

The owner of this spectacular Triumph transformed in Spain (specifically in LDK’s custom motorcycle workshop in Malaga), this time he did not want a cafe racer, he wanted a fun, light transformed motorcycle that he could use daily on streets, roads and lanes… hence the choice of a Triumph Bonneville T100, which is one of the favorite bikes to transform for Fran Manen (LDK’s owner).

Triumph Mardanis left-view

As always, the owner of the Triumph Scrambler “MARDANIS” gave Fran Manen total freedom to carry out the work, to the point that he did not know a single detail of how the modified motorcycle was going to be until the day he saw it completely finished.

Triumph Mardanis

Many motorcycle customization workshops in Spain usually make Triumph cafe racer or scrambler motorcycles, following very common patterns, but this unit had to be different in everything.

Transforming the Triumph Bonneville into a “Mardanis” Scrambler

Starting from the front, the first thing was to remove the entire front of the bike to install an inverted fork accompanied by a handcrafted front fender, a new 19-inch spoke rim, a larger diameter brake disc and a Brembo brake caliper. .

Triumph Mardanis front-view
Triumph Mardanis rear-view

All of this was finished off with a Vrod-style headlight, Motogadget M-blaze disc turn signals, Motogadget Pro odometers, Roland Sands Design handlebar risers, and an enduro-style handlebar with shorter, adjustable levers.

Triumph Mardanis odemeter
Triumph Mardanis tank and handlebar close-up right view

At the rear, everything was removed, the subframe was trimmed and modified, a small rear fender with a Led pilot was made, a custom seat was made and a new license plate bracket with side catch.

Triumph Mardanis rear wheel left view
Triumph Mardanis seat detail

To finish the modification and transformation of this Triumph motorcycle, Continental off road motorcycle tires were installed, new shock absorbers with air bottle, an orange chain and other details such as the crankcase cover, engine protectors, side covers, oil covers. carburettors, pinion covers and other endless details among which the impressive 2: 1 exhaust pipe stands out.

Triumph Mardanis engine detail
Triumph Mardanis front wheel

Regarding the paint, the colors and graphics were very easy to choose… well, like the other two custom bikes in the “MARDANIS” saga; it must have followed the same pattern: matte black and orange. The airbrushing of motorcycles in this saga consists of the word “mardanis” and the number “55” in orange and this time it has been made on the fuel tank accompanied by details in graphite gray and LDK graphics. Of course all the matte finish.

Triumph Mardanis tank detail and graphics
Triumph Mardanis tank and handlebar details

Many pieces have been painted with electrostatic powder paint (powder coating), by the company Metal Colors.

The homologation and ITV of motorcycles transformed like this one by Lord Drake Kustoms‘ own homologation service for vehicle refurbishment has been completed; It only remained to deliver to its owner the third custom motorcycleof the “MARDANIS” saga… A spectacular Triumph Bonneville transformed into a scrambler!

Triumph Mardanis rear view left perspective

Due to the success of the modifications made to this transformed Triumph; Lord Drake Kustoms is going to make a limited series of 10 units, in which the only thing that will change will be the theme of colors and graphics.

Triumph Mardanis left-view
BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

An elegant black BMW R100 in a cafe racer style has been the result obtained, after the passage of this classic motorcycle through our cafe racer and motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

When it arrived at Lord Drake Kustoms ‘motorcycle workshop, this early’ 80s BMW R-series was not going to be the victim of a cafe racer transformation, but rather a scrambler or even bobber style bike.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

Finally, as we usually say in our motorcycle customization workshop “less is more” and we decided to make a classic, simple and elegant BMW R100 in black and cafe racer style, where no particular element or detail will stand out more than the customization work in general.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

We manufactured a new subframe for a BMW café racer double seat and license plate bracket, installed new air shocks, handlebars and an endless number of custom-made parts, lowered the front suspension and finally disassembled the entire bike to paint it completely in different shades of black.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black seat
rear of the BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black
BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

A motogadget mini digital odometer, turn signals on the grips, tailpipes or the auxiliary headlight were details that were attached to this custom bike in a very simple but resulting way.

Monogadget odometer for the BMW R100 Cafe Racer
BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black
BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

As a result, an authentic cafe racer motorcycle, customized in our motorcycle customization workshop in Spain and with the soul of the classic BMW with boxer engine from the 80s.

Detail of the tank of the BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black
BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black engine detail
BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black

The transformation of motorcycles like this BMW R100 for clients residing in Spain, is a job that we always legalize and homologate, in our department of Homologation of transformed motorcycles.

BMW R100 Cafe Racer Black
Two of our Harley V-Rods reviewed at DARK KUSTOM

Two of our Harley V-Rods reviewed at DARK KUSTOM

Two of our modified Harley-Davidson V-Rods are published by DARK KUSTOM in an extensive report where they evaluate their characteristics. These are the Vrod Oliver and the Vrod 360.

DARK KUSTOM is an online publication based in Barcelona that collects and evaluates the best custom bikes on the planet. Within its catalog we can find custom motorcycles made from different brands and styles.

What is more interesting is that it also has a compilation of custom motorcycle manufacturers from around the world, organized by country.

cover Dark Kustom

The professional analysis carried out on each motorcycle culminates in a score based on the appearance (look) and parts used (parts). In addition to an assessment of the users.

Our custom motorcycles have obtained a high valuation that we reproduce below:

Harley V-Rod Oliver:

Evaluation of Vrod Oliver

See the full review of the V-Rod Oliver at DARK KUSTOM

Harley V-Rod 360

Evaluation of the Vrod 360

See the full review of the V-Rod 360 at DARK KUSTOM

From here, we want to highlight and thank the work of disseminating the world of custom motorcycles that this online publication carries out.