With this Yamaha Cafe Racer called “CREAM”, the owner of Lord Drake Kustoms, Fran Manen, intended to make the first Cafe Racer motorcycle with a Japanese base, in his second motorcycle transformation workshop recently opened in Malaga.

Yamaha "Cream" Cafe Racer

In the purest style, without this Yamaha Cafe Racer losing the classic touch and doing something different at the same time. Especially elegant, very elegant … a custom motorcycle to admire.

For this, he has chosen a very special motorcycle like the Yamaha XS650. But, in addition, to give it more exclusivity, he chose the Triple USA Custom model. It is one of the limited three-cylinder models of these XS that was only marketed in the USA; and where this unit came from. 

The transformation process of this Yamaha Cafe Racer “Cream”

The Cafe Racer style rear tail is made of metal and hand-made in the image and likeness of the fuel tank. The rear turn signals have been embedded in the bars of the chassis, which was cut and the front suspension was shortened to give the general line to this motorcycle.

Firestone Deluxe Champion tires were used to give it a more retro look. For the painting and airbrushing of this motorcycle, cream color for the base has been chosen (hence its name “CREAM”) that has been applied with powder coating on the chassis and other elements of the motorcycle by the company Metal Colors.

Yamaha "Cream" Cafe RacerYamaha "Cream" Cafe Racer

The base color has been combined with other elements painted in copper candy and also by applying powder coating on elements such as tires, controls, engine covers, etc.

The result was this beautiful Yamaha Cafe Racer that has led to the Lord Drake Kustoms workshop, make changes to their concept to adapt to the market of custom motorcycles in Spain. A challenge for the inauguration of its second Cafe Racer workshop in Spanish lands, since in Miami where it has its headquarters, the style and market is totally different.


  • Name: “Cream.”
  • Style: Cafe Racer.
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model: XS750 Triple USA Custom.
  • Year: 1981.
  • Engine: 750 cc.
  • Transmission: Cardan.
  • Front-wheel: 19” wheel with copper effect powder coating.
  • Rear-wheel: 18” wheel with copper effect powder coating.
  • Tires: Firestone Deluxe Champion.
  • Fuel tank: Original.
  • Front suspension: Modified by LDK.
  • Rear suspension: +3 ”rise and air dampers.
  • Front fender: Manufactured by LDK.
  • Rear tail: Manufactured by LDK by hand and in metal.
  • Seat: Manufactured by LDK.
  • Exhaust: 3:1.
  • Air Filters: K&N.
  • License plate holder: Manufactured by LDK.
  • Rear turn signals on chassis.
  • Illumination: Front light, Rear light incorporated into fenders, front and rear LED indicators on seatposts and dimmers.
  • Other modifications: Handlebars, grips, handles, gas cap, mirrors, etc.

Yamaha “Cream” Gallery

You can order your own Yamaha Cafe Racer model now!

BASE: Yamaha XS 750 triple.
STYLE: Cafe Racer.

BASE: You can use  Yamaha XS750, XS850, XJ650, XJ550, Honda Cb, Kawasaki KZ and other classic bikes.  
30 – 60 days approx. 
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our European location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.