Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer “Scarface”

It’s time to talk about of one of the awarded motorcycles by Lord Drake Kustoms, the Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer / Brat style called “Scarface”.

Today I’m going to tell you about a Triumph Bonneville called “Scarface” that we did in 2013 in Miami.

The first idea I had was to make a Cafe Racer because at that time, in 2013, and even more so in Miami, it was a style that was not yet hitting very hard, but in Europe was already beginning to give enough “beat” what is the theme Cafe Racer.

How was customized this Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer

And well, I got to work, we dismantled it completely and the first thing I did to get out of the way was that I didn’t want to paint the bike either in black or in typical colors like black, chrome, brown, gray… 

That was Miami, there’s a lot of light, there’s sunshine, and I wanted to call attention to it. So the first thing I did before was to paint it in a white color, which I accompanied with some lines in green type “racing green” to give a little elegance to the painting.

And finally I put a lot of details in an “aged gold” color to complete everything that is the “package” so characteristic of the bike.

Double winner at Rat’s Hole Bike Show

I finished this bike practically 7 or 8 hours before starting a very famous Bike Show held in the USA, which is the Rat’s Hole. It’s very well known because it’s sometimes broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

We carry this bike and another very famous one of mine, which is the Harley-Davidson Dyna “Red Baron”.  And that day, I was very happy with this bike because it was the first time I went out with it on the street and it became the second position or was runner-up in the Cafe Racer category in this prestigious Bike Show.

But also, the good thing about it is not that it only came second, but that the bike that beat it was also mine. That is to say, that day I did a double at the Bike Show at the Rat’s Hole in the USA, in Leesburg, Florida.

Why this Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer is called “Scarface”

There was one customer in particular, Sebastian, who from the moment he saw it finished started to tell me: “You have to call this bike ‘Scarface'”. And I was like, “Why Scarface Sebastian?”

And he told me: “Very simple, you made the bike in Miami, it’s white like coc**ne, and then you put a lot of details in gold like everything that Al Pacino liked in the movies. So, it’s a good idea to put ‘Scarface’ on it.

A proud new owner

And later, I decided to put it on sale, like all the bikes I was making, I put them on sale, obviously. And surprisingly, one day I received an email from the manager of the guitarist of a famous rock group from California, telling me that this person wanted to contact me and he was interested in the bike.

And well, finally we reached an agreement, I had the opportunity to meet the future owner, he came to see the bike, he loved it and well, I sold him the bike and two weeks later he sent a transport from California to Miami to pick it up and send it back. 

He was so happy with the bike, he liked it so much, that he also said that usually this kind of bike is made to measure, you always want to make it to your liking, but what happened with this bike is that it was already made. That is, he found the bike he was looking for, saw it and said “I don’t want to change anything, it’s just the bike I want it”.

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