Deciding between a transformation of an Indian Scout or Harley Davidson Sportster is a question that customers present a lot in the Lord Drake Kustoms motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga (Spain).

Sportster transformed by Lord Drake Kustom

The first thing we say to customers is that they should take into account what style of custom motorcycle we are looking to obtain. And above all, before choosing an Indian or a Harley we must take into account which Sportster model is chosen as the base bike to customize.

Indian Scout transformed by LDK

For us, without a doubt the best motorcycle to carry out modifications and transformations is the Sportster when we talk about traditional models, marketed in Spain until 2021…. But if we talk about the new Harley Davidson Sportster 1200S, our opinion changes and a lot; It has nothing to do with using a traditional Harley Sportster model or the new Sportster 1200S model.

Harley Sportster customized by LDK

Francisco Alí Manén, owner of Lord Drake Kustoms’ motorcycle transformation workshops in Malaga and Miami, is a fan of Harleys, especially as motorcycle bases to customize.

Indian Scout transformation by LDK

But Fran himself tells us, that much to his regret; If when looking for a good motorcycle to carry out a transformation you have to choose between an Indian Scout or a Sportster 1200 S, for now perhaps he would opt for the Scout(always at levels of aesthetic results), because the Indian has more possibilities Modification of the new Harley 1200S and it also seems to us a custom motorcycle with more spirit and originality in its design than the Harley Davidson.

In summary, between the transformation of an Indian Scout or a Harley Davidson Sportster, for now the model that we see more limited when it comes to doing different modification and customization jobs is the Sporster 1200S.

Sportster transformed by Lord Drake Kustoms

If you want a bobber and even a cafe racer, you can perfectly use the Indian Scout or of course the traditional Sportster 883 or 1200 models.

But if you want a custom motorcycle with which you can make a scrambler, a brat or even something more custom chopper style; The traditional Harley Sportsters models are the only valid ones and with which you can also make authentic bobber and cafe racery motorcycles, they are easy and cheap to get in Spain.

Sportster transformation by LDK

The final answer is very easy and difficult at the same time; since if we take into account other factors (in addition to the final aesthetics) such as the age of the motorcycle, performance or budget; are other aspects that influence a lot when deciding between an Indian Scout or Harley Davidson Sportster transformation.