Lord Drake Kustoms is double European Champion again!

Lord Drake Kustoms is double European Champion again!

We have done it again, this afternoon we have returned to be European champions and runners-up in the 28 European H.O.G. Rally.

Fran Manen is proclaimed European Champion and Runner-up with a Harley Sportster and a Harley Fatboy in the European bike show of Harley Davidson held today in Cascais, Portugal.

The two bikes to the Podium.

The two presented bikes have climbed to the podium to take top honors.

On the one hand, our “Envy” has managed to be European Champion in the “Big Twin” category.

The runner-up has been “Urbantracker” in the “Sportster” category.

….. and Fran Manen the only one to double in the championship !!!

“Envy” is European Champion
“Urbantracker” the runner-up

In addition, Karen Davidson, daughter of the owner of the legendary Harley Davidson has been especially interested in our “Envy” … “I wanted to know who was that “work of art”.”

Karen Davidson with Fran Manen

With this today there are 4 European championships, 4 European sub-championships, 1 sub championships world and 5th position of the world, 1 Daytona championship, and 2 Discovery Channel Rats Hole championships … and we will continue adding …

Thank you all!

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