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Because of the sales success that the Scrambler Sportster of Lord Drake Kustoms, it was time to make a new unit. This time, Fran Manen, owner of LDK, wanted to do something more risky with colors and combining elements and designs from his previous lines of Scrambler motorcycles.

Bultracker 75 Harley Davidson Sportster Scrambler

The result was this Harley Davidson Sportster Scrambler, which remembers for its color the graphics and colors of the brand Castrol oil: Dark pearl green, silver and details in red. To give it a more classic touch, Fran Manen opted to put the fenders in chrome.

How this Sportster Scrambler was transformed

The fuel tank peanut-type was combined used in the line of transformed Sportracker motorcycles with the 21 “inch spoke front wheel to give it a moto cross classic look.

Bultracker 75 Harley Davidson Sportster Scrambler

The engine is a Sportster Injection 883 with transmission converted to chain with a longer and sportier development.

Tired of looking for numbers with any meaning for motorcycles, the owner of LDK had it easy this time: number 75, his year of birth: “so many years making motorcycles and looking for numbers for them and I never did one with a number that had relationship with me, now is time.

This custom motorcycle is in the Harley Davidson workshop that Lord Drake Kustoms has in Malaga (Spain), and is available for sale; including in its price homologation and ITV, transfer and free shipping throughout Spain and the rest of Europe.

Bultracker 75 Harley Davidson Sportster Scrambler

Datasheet “Bultracker 75”

  • Name: “Bultracker 75”.
  • Style: Scrambler.
  • Base: HD Sportster 883 Custom.
  • Year: 2008.
  • Engine: 883 cc injection.
  • Chassis: Original modified.
  • Deposit:  Penaut modified.
  • Air filter: Drag classic.
  • Exhausts: 2:1 V&H Tracker.
  • Handlebar: Bmx 1″.
  • Transmission: Converted to chain.
  • Rear Fender: Made of metal and chrome.
  • Side number holders: Made of metal.
  • Front fender: Made of metal and chrome.
  • Seat: Hand made and upholstered by LDK.
  • Front suspension: Modified.                                 
  • Rear suspension: +3 “air shock absorbers.
  • Wheels: 21″ and 18″ wheels with tires off road.
  • Others: License plate holder, Side odometer, shallower headlight, grips, footrests, turn signals on grips, etc.
  • Color: Pearl green, silver and red with chrome trim and fenders.


You can order your own Sportster Scrambler model now!

BASE: HD Sportster 883 or any Sportster model.
STYLE: Scrambler / Street Tracker / Flat Track.
TIME: 30 – 60 days approx.
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our European location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.

Prices starting at:

EUROPE PRICE: Starting at 10.000 euros.
USA PRICE: Starting at $10,500.

EUROPE PRICE: Starting at 4.000 euros.
USA PRICE: Starting at $4,500.

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Do you like this bike? We can build one for you!

You have 2 options: We can provide you the bike (New or Pre-owned) and customization work or you can send us your bike to do the customization work. You can choose the colors, details, etc.

The motorcycles made ​​in our U.S.A. facilities (Miami, FL) have priced in USD dollars and those made in our Europe facilities (Málaga, Spain) are priced in euros.

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