This Harley Davidson 48, or simply Sportster 48 (forty eight), is one of the best selling models of this famous brand. In addition, it is the motorcycle with the most Bobber style of series that they sell.

If you want to know more about this Harley Davidson model, we have a special article with the best Harley Sportster Bobber.

But now it’s time to talk about this Sportster 48 Bobber.

Sportster 48 Bobber, a custom motorcycle by Lord Drake Kustoms

A customer looking for a Harley Davidson workshop

Steven, the owner of this custom motorcycle, was looking for a specialized Harley Davidson workshop near Almuñecar (Spain), which is the city where he currently resides.

But the only thing he found in the area were the typical motorcycle workshop of all time and none of them specialized in Harley Davidson.

Finally, he decided to broaden his search and found a workshop specialized in motorcycle transformation in Malaga, our workshop, the workshop of Lord Drake Kustoms. Steven called us and came to introduce us his motorcycle, in this case a Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight.

At first, the owner of this Harley Sportster, doubted to turn this motorcycle into a Cafe Racer or a Bobber style. Finally he decided to transform his Harley into a motorcycle more Custom or Bobber.

The customization process of the Sportster 48

One of its conditions was that the rear should stand out for the presence of a wide tire. A wide wheel for the Sportster, which could be 240 or 200.

Finally, a 200 wheel was chosen not to be too exaggerated. Another request was that he didn’t want any kind of graphics or airbrushing on the motorcycle: “I wanted everything black, except the Harley gas tank that has to be in pure metal.

Tailor-made Harley exhaust pipes painted with ceramic coat, handmade fenders, Rough Crafts air filter, led headlight, custom fuel tank, and many other details; They shaped this personalized Sportster with Old School style.

Sportster 48 Bobber, exhaust pipes, air filters and other details.

As for the finishes, Lord Drake Kustoms has a manufacturing and upholstery service for custom motorcycle seats, which has given a different and unique look to the spring seat for Sportster that has been installed.

Sportster 48 Bobber, detail of the seat with handmade upholstery.

In addition, a work of powder painting carried out by Metalcolors.

With our Homologation and ITV motorcycle service, all the reforms made on this were legalized: motorcycle transformed with Bobber style.

Technical Data Sheet

  • Base: Harley Davidson Sportster 48
  • Year: 2014
  • Displacement: 1200 cc
  • Exhaust: custom
  • Air filter: Rough Crafts
  • Shock absorbers: Burly.
  • Fork: Original modified + top covers
  • Odometer: Original
  • Hand controls: Handlebars, grips, front brake pump, etc.
  • Foot controls: modified
  • Wheels: 6×16 spoke rear with 200 tire
  • Fuel tank: custom with modified height
  • Seat: handmade seat
  • Front fender: handmade
  • Rear fender: handmade
  • License plate: handmade
  • Chassis: Modified
  • Lighting: front turn signals in grips , pilot and rear turn signals LED´s, witnesses, etc.
  • Powder coating.


All photographs by Álvaro Manén.

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STYLE: Bobber / Custom/ Old School
BASE: Sportster 48. You can use any other model of Harley Davidson Sportster 883 or 1200

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