The Best Harley Sportster Bobber

The Sportster models of the famous Milwaukee manufacturer have always been an excellent base for transforming these motorcycles into Bobber style.

Lord Drake Kustoms has made various customizations from this model to create some of the best Harley Sportster Bobber.

Recently, we published an article where we explain exactly what the Bobber style is. Today we are going to see how the Harley Davidson Sportster range has evolved over the years.

The history of the Harley Sportster

The Sportster model is one of the most famous of the Harley Davidson brand. This motorcycle has been manufactured tirelessly for over 60 years with the code XL (eXperimental Light).

This code refers to its ease of handling and modification, which makes it a perfect candidate to be customized.

The previous features combined with its low price, made it become an instant success, being a perfect model to enter the brand.

The first Sportster was created in 1957, based on the K model, an earlier model that respected many of its original features.

Since then it has not stopped evolving to this day, creating mythical bikes such as the Sportster XR 750 in the 60s, which won countless races.

Over the decades, it has continued to gain popularity, while evolving at the pace of the improvements offered by new technologies.

Some of the best-known Sportster models are the Sportster Iron or the Harley Davidson Forty-Eight. The latter with a factory Bobber air.

The Harley Sportster Bobber Motorcycles by Lord Drake Kustoms

Let us now review the best Harley Sportster Bobber style motorcycles that Lord Drake Kustoms has made in recent years.

Sportster “SDT”

This was one of the first Bobber air motorcycles that LDK customized. Totally black combined details in gloss black and matte, make it a most elegant Bobber. It is built from an HD Sportster 1200.

Sportster SDT Bobber
Sportster “SDT”

Springer “SDT”

Based on a Softail Springer, this modified motorcycle was created in the workshops that LDK has in Miami (USA). This time gray predominates over black and its red accents give it a sportier look.

Springer SDT
Springer “SDT”


With a more “casual” and at the same time elegant style for its combination of black and white colors, this motorcycle was created to be enjoyed by all ages.

LDK Sixty Nine

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Also in black and white, it is perhaps one of the most spectacular motorcycles that Lord Drake Kustoms has made in these years.

His name comes because it was a commission for a store with that branding. But at the same time it adjusted perfectly to his spirit, since it was a motorcycle that gave much to talk about.

Harley Davidson "Trending Topic"
Trending Topic

Sportster 48 Bobber

We talked before how the Sportster 48 model is one of the best candidates to be customized as Bobber.

With this motorcycle, Lord Drake Kustoms managed to combine the classic Harley Bobber air with a modern twist.

Sportster 48 Bobber by Lord Drake Kustoms
Sportster 48 Bobber by Lord Drake Kustoms

Sportster Black

To the Canary Islands went this custom motorcycle that was based on a Harley Sportster 883 low.

Totally black and halfway between elegance and more rebellious touch, its customization brings an Old School and Bobber style.

Sportster Black by Lord Drake Kustoms
Sportster Black

Rusty Rush

The story of this custom motorcycle has a special peculiarity, and its transformation was carried out in just 48 hours. The basis for modification was a Harley Sportster 1200 C.

This project was carried out in Miami and was made for a good cause. The finished motorcycle was donated to raise funds for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and the Tears and Favors Foundation at the Miami Fashion Week Charity Gala 2019.

Rusty Rush
Rusty Rush


We have already seen how the famous HD Sportster are much appreciated to serve as the basis for a good custom Bobber style motorcycle.

If you liked the examples shown and want a similar Bobber motorcycle, Lord Drake Kustoms is the custom motorcycle builder you need.

Contact us without obligation or leave us a comment, we would like to know your impressions.

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