Lord Drake Kustoms will participate again this year in the AMD World Championship of Bike Buildings to be held from October 6 to 11, 2020.

AMD World Championship 2020 banner

This event, that will take place in Cologne (Germany), is one of the most important worldwide of custom motorcycle. In it, all the great builders and customizers come from all countries to participate.

In this same contest in 2018, Lord Drake Kustoms achieved the 2nd position in the Harley Modified category with the “Speedster” motorcycle, of which you have extensive reporting here.

Fran Manen poses with his Speester at the 2018 AMD World Championship
Fran Manen poses with his Speester at the 2018 AMD World Championship

This edition of 2020, has the following categories:

  • Freestyle. Motorcycles built from scratch.
  • Modified American V-Twin. Custom American bikes from 1984 or later.
  • Retro / Modified. Custom bikes before 1984.
  • Street modified. Post-1984 motorcycles customized from the factory elements.
  • Cafe / Street performance. Builder improvements are rewarded here to improve motorcycle performance on the street. Open to all types of motorcycles.
  • Cross-Class Award. Prizes by public voting and models with alternative energies (hydrogen, electric, hybrid, etc.)

It is still a surprise the category (or categories) to which we present ourselves, but what is certain is that this year we want to surprise you.

We want in this edition to reach the top of the podium, so we are working tirelessly to create a custom motorcycle that exceeds all expectations.

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