Unexpectedly, in our custom motorcycle workshop in Malaga, we received a visit from a Ducati 999 from 2003. Its owner wanted to transform it into a Ducati Cafe Racer. In Lord Drake Kustoms, we have no limits and we decided to accept the challenge to make a motorcycle transformation so far seen.

Ducati 999 Neoracer
Ducati 999 Neoracer

It is not very common to use this brand to make motorcycle transformations, perhaps some models of the range Monster are the most used. In addition, the Italian brand has for some time offered a somewhat model customized already in the factory, known as Ducati Scrambler. But what is very strange, is to use models Racing motorcycle like this to do a motorcycle customization job.

How this Ducati 999 was transformed into a Ducati Cafe Racer

Because it is a very racing motorcycle and that originally comes with fairing, dome, etc., The first thing that was done was to disassemble all the plastics. Subsequently, we decided that the original wheels were not the most suitable and that they had to be replaced by new wheels with spokes valid for this Ducati.

It was clear that he would not be left with a normal Cafe Racer, it would be more like a Naked motorcycle with an air Cafe Racer, hence his name “Neo Racer”. And so that it doesn’t look like a Street Fighter transformation, the entire subframe was modified very elegantly and without giving it much height.

The exhaust manifolds were modified to finish them in a 2:1 system with the adaptation of a Harley Davidson Supertrapp silencer.

Ducati 999 Neoracer
Ducati 999 Neoracer

A new lithium motorcycle battery was installed that was properly replaced and hidden with a handmade metal cover. Other handmade front fender was manufactured and the height of the motorcycle was modified to give it a more quiet and classic street feel.

Mini motogadget speedometers, round mirrors accompanied by handlebar motogadget flashers next to a Harley V-Rod type headlight, were another detail that completed this beautiful custom motorcycle with a totally innovative style.

Ducati 999 Neoracer
Ducati 999 Neoracer

The work of powder coating was applied to the vast majority of the parts and was carried out by Metalcolors, which is one of the best companies specialized in the painting of motorcycles of all kinds in Spain. The deposit was painted with the traditional system and finished with a classic graphic Ducati, which was covered with gloss lacquer.

Technical Data Sheet

  • Base: Ducati 999.
  • Year: 2003.
  • Displacement: 999 cc.
  • Escape: modified with handcrafted terminal and Supertrapp tail.
  • Shock absorber: Öhlins.
  • Fork: Original modified.
  • Odometer: Motogadget mini.
  • Hand controls: Semi-handlebars, grips, brake and clutch pumps, etc.
  • Foot controls: modified.
  • Tires: Rear and front replaced by spokes.
  • Fuel tank: original modified.
  • Seat: handmade seat.
  • Front fender: handmade.
  • Rear fender: handmade.
  • License plate holder: handmade.
  • Chassis: Modified subframe.
  • Lighting: front turn signals in grips, pilot and rear turn signals LEDs, control lamps, etc.
  • Powder coating.


All photographs by Álvaro Manén.

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