“Bultracker 75” the Scrambler based of a Sportster by Lord Drake Kustoms in ChopperOn

“Bultracker 75” the Scrambler based of a Sportster by Lord Drake Kustoms in ChopperOn

Bultracker 75 by Lord Drake Kustoms on ChopperOn

ChoperON is another of the spanish  magazines dedicated to the world of motorcycling and customization. This time we bring you a report of his number 88 in December 2015 to show our Bultracker 75.


Due to the sales success of the Sportster converted to Scrambler by Lord Drake Kustoms, it was time to make a new unit. This time Francisco Manén, owner of LDK, wanted to make some more risky colors and combining elements and designs from his previous scrambler lines: the sportracker and the bultracker.

Text and photos: Francisco Alí Manén

The result was this scrambler, which without thinking, remembers by its color to the graphics and colors of the Castrol brand: dark green pearl, silver and red details. To give it a more classic touch, Francisco Manén opted to put the fenders in chrome.

The tank used in the Sportracker line was combined with the front wheel of 21 “to give it a classic” moto cross “type air. The engine is an 883 injection with the transmission converted to chain with a longer and sporty development.

Tired of looking for numbers with some meaning for motorcycles, the owner of LDK, had it easy this time: the number 75, which is his year of birth: “So many years doing motorcycles and looking for a number for them and never made one with a number that had relation with me, because it was time “

This motorcycle is located in the facilities of Lord Drake Kustoms in Spain, and is now available for sale; including in its price homologation, transfer and free shipping to all of Spain and the rest of Europe.

“So many years doing motorcycles and looking for a number for them and I never made one with a number that was related to me, because it was time”

For some years Lord Drake Kustoms is the company responsible for modifying and making custom bikes for several dealers of the American brand. Two of these dealerships are in Florida (USA) where LDK has its facilities for almost eight years now. And since the opening of the new branch in Spain (Malaga), almost two years ago, they have made custom bikes for two Triumph dealers (one in England and one in Belgium) and Harley dealers in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Spain. At this time the owner of LDK (Francisco Alí Manén), is closing an agreement with another dealership in the Middle East.

LDK has facilities in Malaga, from where it offers service of transformation and modification of motorcycles for all Spain and the rest of Europe … regardless of the style or brand of the bike and of course with budgets for all budgets!


Name: “Bultracker 75”
Style: Scrambler Moto: HD Sportster 883 Custom
Year: 2008 Engine: 883 cc injection
Chassis: Modified original
Deposit: Modified Penaut
Air filter: Drag classic Escapes: 2: 1 V & H Tracker
Handlebar: Bmx 1 “
Transmission: Converted to chain
Rear Fender: Made of metal and chrome
Portanumeros lateral: Made of metal
Front mudguard: Made of metal and chrome
Seat: Handmade and upholstered by LDK
Front suspension: Modified Rear suspension:
Shock absorbers air +3 “
Wheels: 21 “and 18” wheels with off road tires.
Others: License plate holder, Side speedometer, headlight with less depth, cuffs, footrest, intermittent on cuffs, etc.
Color: Pearl green, silver and red with details and chrome fenders.

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