Lord Drake Kustoms presents his new Cafe Racer based in a BMW R65.

Lord Drake Kustoms BMW R65 Cafe Racer

This was a classic motorcycle introduced by BMW in 1978 and whose manufacture lasted until 1984. It was designed as a lighter-sized bike to make routes and tourism.

Now Lord Drake Kustoms has transformed it into a beautiful and elegant Cafe Racer.

How this BMW proyect began

This was the first classic BMW that Fran Manen and his team of mechanics in Lord Drake Kustoms were going to transform into Cafe Racer. Until then they had only worked with a BMW R1200S (Mardanis) and an R1150S (Mytoro).

It was a customer from Granada and a motorcycle lover, who brought the BMW R65 to LDK facilities. His father, who owned a small collection of old motorcycles, did not want them to modify the motorcycle he had donated. But she knew the work of Lord Drake Kustoms and knew that this old glory could be reborn in an elegant and aggressive Cafe Racer.

The transformation process of the BMW R65

As always, it began by disassembling the motorcycle completely to paint the chachis, the engine and other black parts by means of blasting.

Once the previous process was completed, the original gas tank was replaced by the R100 model. In addition, the entire subframe was modified to adapt a single-seat tail that we handmade to measure. 

Lord Drake Kustoms BMW R65 Cafe Racer
Lord Drake Kustoms BMW R65 Cafe Racer

Then the shock absorbers were changed to higher ones and the front suspension was lowered. This made the motorcycle acquire a more aggressive appearance.

Lord Drake Kustoms BMW R65 Cafe Racer

As for the color, we already had black in most elements, so we opted for a green color (Racing Green) for the body. The brown touch of the handmade saddle ended up creating the final palette.

Lord Drake Kustoms BMW R65 Cafe Racer

Technical data

Motorcycle: BMW R65
Motor: 650 cc
Depository: BMW R100
Escapes: Aftermarket and original collectors
Handlebar: Half-handlebars
Rear wing and tail: Handmade made of fiber
Subchassis: Modified
Front flap .: Modified original
Seat: Custom made and upholstered in perforated synthetic leather
Front suspension: Modified
Rear suspension: Modified with longer air shock absorbers
Wheels: Original wheels painted in matt black powder
Other: digital kilometer counter, LED pilots, cuffs, gas cap, artisan license plate holder, LED tail light, modification of the ignition cylinder, etc.

The first BMW of many other orders

As of the end of this assignment, many others continued as the R100 Cafe Racer, R100 Scrambler, K100 Racer or the next K1 …

So in addition to Harley-Davidson experts, we have become professionals of BMW customization.

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All photographs by Álvaro Manén

BMW R65 custom information:

BASE: BMW R65, R80 or R100
STYLE: Cafe Racer
LOCATION: This bike is at our Europe location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the american market.
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to EUROPE.
BASE: You can use any model of  BMW R1100S.
TIME: 60 – 90 days aprox.