Customizing a motorcycle like this BMW R1100S Cafe Racer has been a challenge for our BMW motorcycle transformation and customization workshop in Spain, because this BMW motorcycle is not originally a very suitable motorcycle to customize due to its fuel tank or suspension system lead.

Right side view

The process of modifying this bmw r1100s

We had already modified some BMW R1100S before, but this time we wanted to go further in our Cafe Racer workshop in Malaga and therefore we thought about eliminating the big problem that this motorcycle has: its large fuel tank. So the first thing we did at Lord Drake Kustoms was to disassemble the entire body of the bike and of course the huge fuel tank.

Front left side view

Then we began to test that other types of tanks could come in handy and we opted to test with a gasoline tank from a BMW K100… and that was the solution. Fran Manen had it clear, that was the tank that had to be adapted. So after a long and difficult work of modification of the chassis, relocation of electrical systems, control units, ABS, etc; we were able to get the tank to fit in its correct position.

Exhaust pipe detail
Gas tank detail

From that point on, the following was to modify and manufacture a cafe racer-style subframe and the base of the seat, we lowered the front suspension and installed a7-inch motorcycle headlight to try to cover the maximum front surface that is usually very empty because of the BMW suspension system that this model has.

Seat and tail detail
Front headlight detail

The change was incredible, now this custom BMW motorcycle looked like something else, a mix between a BMW R for the engine with the Boxer cylinders and a BMW K for the gas tank.

Right side rear view

From there, we manufacture the seat, the license plate bracket, the exhaust with Spark tail, the side covers under the tank to close gaps, the rear fender, the removable rear tail and the headlight brackets to name a few of the parts that They have been handcrafted in our custom workshop in Spain.

Tail detail and license plate holder

In the cafe racer accessories and parts store “Customiza Tu Moto” we have acquired the Kellerman turn signals for handlebars, the Motogadget Mini odometer, the Spark tailpipe, the rear LED indicators and light and many other accessories.

Motogadget digital odometer detail
Another right side view

The paint job has been a breeze. The entire bike is matte black with the exception of the shock absorber spring that has been painted green. The paint job of most of the parts of this cafe racer motorcycle has been done with electrostatic powder paint in the oven (powdercoating) in the company Metal Colors.

Another left side view

Finally, we have carried out the homologation of all the reforms made to this BMW R1100S Cafe Racer motorcycle with our own Homologation service of motorcycle reforms in Spain.