Lord Drake Kustoms had transformed several Harley V Rod types at his Miami facility. But here, in our Harley workshop in Malaga, this was the first VRod Harley Davidson that we modified.

Vrod Oliver

In search for a Harley Davidson workshop

This V Rod was brought to us by a client named Oliver; Airplane pilot and resident of the Costa del Sol. Oliver followed us through social networks for a few years. 

When he bought his Harley and decided to transform it into a real VRod custom, he set out to look for specialized workshops on motorcycle and Harley transformation throughout Spain. 

Until he finally discovered that Lord Drake Kustoms, in addition to his motorcycle workshop in Miami, also had another Harley workshop in Malaga.

Oliver contacted Fran Manen (owner of LDK) and went to visit his custom motorcycle workshop. After the visit to the workshop, the deal was closed and Lord Drake Kustoms was responsible for the collection and transport of the motorcycle from the client’s house to its facilities.

The modification process of the VRod Harley Davidson

The motorcycle was a 2004 VRod Harley, with normal tires. One of the things that the client wanted was to put a tire and a 240-wheel rear kit. 

In addition, some custom wheels for Harley were installed, accompanied by the pulley and custom disc brakes to match. The rear fender, the air filter cover and many other pieces were handmade. 

Vrod Oliver

On this occasion, an exhaust pipe for Harley Davidson was not purchased from the catalog. It was decided to modify the original Harley manifolds and adapt some universal exhaust tails, widely used in Cafe Racer motorcycles.

Step by step, this VRod Harley custom motorcycle was completed; but once the work of transforming the motorcycle was finished, the paint and the final finish details were missing. 

Painting and airbrushing motorcycle is a field that very few customers value. But in this case, the owner of this transformed Harley VRod, wanted to wear a good airbrush job on the tank and the rear fender.

Vrod Oliver
Vrod Oliver

For us; It was no problem, We have one of the best motorcycle painting and airbrushing services in Malaga.

All the reforms made in this Harley Davidson have also been legalized thanks to our Homologation and ITV service for custom motorcycles.

Technical datasheet

  • Base: Harley Davidson V-Rod
  • Year: 2004
  • Displacement: 1150 cc
  • Exhaust: Custom
  • Air filter: Drag Air Cleaner
  • Shock absorbers: Progressive Suspension.
  • Fork: Original modified + top covers
  • Odometer: Motogadget Mini Spee dometer
  • Hand controls: Handlebars, grips, front brake pump, etc.
  • Foot controls: modified
  • Wheels: Custom 8.5 x 18 rear
  • Gas tank / Covers air tank: handmade
  • Seat: handmade
  • Front fender: handmade
  • Rear fender: handmade
  • License plate: handmade
  • Chassis: modified
  • Lighting: front turn signals in fists, pilot and rear LED indicators, handlebars and handlebar risers, etc.
  • Paint, airbrushing and powder coating.


All photographs by Álvaro Manén.

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