We have called this custom bike Triumph Scrambler “Thruxton”, because the transformation or modification of this Triumph bike has not been done with a Bonneville or Scrambler base … A Triumph Thruxton has been customized.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton L2R

It is true that the result of this scrambler modification can be achieved with the Triumph Bonneville; but on that occasion Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms) has chosen a model that originally is the opposite: a cafe racer since it leaves the factory…. a 2006 Thruxton 900 carburetion.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - R2L

LDK has carried out the transformation of motorcycles like this on numerous occasions in its Triumph modification and customization workshop in Spain and especially in Miami. This scrambler in particular, it has been modified in our cafe racer workshop in Malaga.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Front view

Customizing the Triumph Scrambler “Thruxton”

The first thing was to disassemble this cafe racer bike to start modifying the subframe, giving it more height and adding some scrambler-style tires. Note that the front wheel has been changed to a 19-inch model to give it a more Street Tracker look.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Front view - L2R

After finishing with the subframe and seat, a Biltwell handlebar has been installed and a Motogadget Tiny odometer has been installed, accompanied by adjustable levers, biltwell grips and other details up front.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Closer front view
Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Odometer detail
Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Grip details

The original manifolds have been protected with anti-heat tape for exhausts, an aluminum skid plate for Triumph has been installed and a license plate holder with side arm has been manufactured.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Rear view L2R

The painting of this Triumph scrambler has been very simple, since the whole bike has been painted in matt black, except for the fuel tank that has been painted in dark pearl blue.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Tank - Up-view
Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Tank detail - left view

The seat, which has been manufactured at Lord Drake Kustoms, has been upholstered with brown leather and the wheels and other parts have been treated with electrostatic oven powder paintby the metalcolors company.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Seat detail - Up-view

Finally, all the reforms carried out in this motorcycle customization work have been legalized with our own Homologation for motorcycles.

Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Rear view R2L
Triumph Scrambler Thruxton - Rear view