Triumph Boneville Brat by Lord Drake Kustoms in Biker Zone Magazine

Triumph Boneville Brat by Lord Drake Kustoms in Biker Zone Magazine

Press Triumph Boneville Brat by Lord Drake Kustoms

It is the color of elegance and good taste. As we all know, black indicates respect and simplicity. This is a clear example of how in Lord Drake Kustoms with very few changes we are able to convert an old Triumph Boneville Brat, which was doomed to oblivion, to stand out above their expectations.

A report by Biker Zone in its number 286.


Lord Drake Kustoms

“This time it has been more a case of restoration than customization, since the bike was the year 2002 and only had rolled about 6,000 km and all in the first year. The rest of the time, almost 13 years, was abandoned and in terrible conditions, to the point that when he came to LDK they wanted to send it to the scrap dealer. ” We were told in Lord Drake Kustoms.

Text and photos: Francisco Alí Manén

So according to the owner decided to disassemble it completely, restore everything that was needed and reassemble it but giving it a personal touch that will improve its aesthetics. I did not intend an extreme modification, simply to get an elegant motorcycle, discreet but with a more aggressive air.

All the pieces were pickled and dripped: chassis, engine, tires, absolutely everything and then everything was painted, even the smallest screw in black with some touches of gold.

“Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this bike is the change from a rear tire to an 18”, the completely handmade seat with black leather and golden stitching “

Perhaps the highlight of this bike is the change of rear tire to an 18 “, the seat entirely handmade with black leather and stitching in gold and the backlight embedded. They are small details that add to the game that offers the combination of pearl black, textured black powder and traces of gold, which result in a new, elegant and aggressive Bonneville …

And the fact is that black is always black.

Lord Drake Kustoms has facilities in Malaga, from where it offers service of transformation and modification of motorcycles for all Spain and the rest of Europe, regardless of the style or brand of the motorcycle and of course with budgets for all budgets.


MOTORCYCLE: Triumph Bonneville 800 year 2002 ENGINE: 800 cc of carburetion
CHASSIS: modified on the back TANK: modified (raised on the sides) ESCAPES: aftermarket tails and original collectors finished in ceramic layer
HANDLEBAR: low 1 “
REAR / SEAT: handmade seat with metal base, leather upholstery and backlight embedded in the back LATERAL COVERS: modified
FRONT SUSPENSION: replacement of front springs
REAR SUSPENSION: air cushions of 3 inches more
RIMS: 18 “rear rim and original front rim
TIRES: Firestone Deluxe.
TRANSMISSION: covers pinion and golden chain
PAINT: pearl black and gold on the body. Textured black powder paint and gloss on other components OTHERS: license plate holder, relocation of ignition key, odometer, front headlight with yellow optics, grips, footrests, turn signals, etc.

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