A few months ago, David contacted Lord Drake Kustoms in his workshop Harley Davidson in Malaga. There he told them his ideas to transform a motorcycle Harley Davidson Softail Deuce FXSTD that he had just acquired in a Harley Bobber.

Harley Bobber "Trending Topic"

A Harley Bobber “Trending Topic”

Coincidentally, at that time, David was about to present a new fashion and accessories brand called “Trending Topic”

Fran Manen (owner of LDK) and David had a meeting at the LDK motorcycle customization workshop, where it was clear that the motorcycle should be something different. He wanted to use it as a corporate image, so he didn’t want the typical thing seen so far with the Softail Deuce.

Fran Manen was very excited about the idea because among other reasons, the Softail Deuce is his Harley favorite and it was the first Harley he had and with which he started in the world of motorcycle customization and transformation.

The owner of “Trending Topic” said that he wanted a motorcycle with a Sportster peanut-type fuel tank. The rear should keep the Harley tire original lenticular (which characterizes the Deuce models) and should have the logo of its brand (a Hashtag).

Harley Bobber "Trending Topic"

From that base, Fran began working on the project. After several tests, it was determined that the motorcycle’s paint should be all black, like a suit. The exception would be the gas tank that would go white like the shirt that usually accompanies a black suit.

The process of adapting the Harley Softail Deuce in a Harley Bobber

It began by modifying and adapting a type tank Sportster “Peanut”, replace the ignition and contact and replace the handlebar with a new model 1” drag bar that would give width to the motorcycle.

Afterward, the rear of the Softail chassis was modified and was manufactured with Bobber-type rear fender and the integrated LED pilot. The floating seat without springs with the brand “Trending Topic” was inserted in the back.

Harley Bobber "Trending Topic"
Harley Bobber "Trending Topic"

Many other details were added, such as the front wheel of big spokes for Harley Davidson or the digital motor speedometer mini motogadget. In addition, three elements that would break with the typical Bobber-look were incorporated in the front of the motorcycle: a Harley dome, a keel-spoiler and a front grille.

Harley Bobber "Trending Topic"

The result, a motorcycle that, like the brand it represents, is giving and will give a lot to talk about. Wherever it goes, it becomes the “Trending Topic” of the event. It doesn’t matter if they are shirt cufflinks, a tie or this Harley Davidson transformed into our custom workshop.

Finally, all the reforms carried out in this legalized Harley Davidson were passed through our service of Homologation of transformed motorcycles.

Harley Bobber "Trending Topic"

From Lord Drake Kustoms, we want to thank David and the entire “Trending Topic” team for the trust placed in us and especially for how nice it has been to work with them on this project. Thank you very much, good luck and above all, that you were “Trending Topic” for a long time!

Technical Sheet:

Base: 2007 Harley Davidson Softail Deuce.
Engine: 1595 cc Twin Cam Injection.


  • Modified subframe.
  • Wiring inside handlebars.
  • Front suspension: Change of internal springs.
  • External covers between seatposts and bellows in bars.
  • Rear suspension: Lowering Kit.
  • Wheels: 21″ Fat Daddy wheels front.
  • Santee exhausts.
  • Drag Classic air filter.
  • Handlebars, Levers, Odometer and indicators (warning lights). 
  • Peanut fuel tank.
  • Rear fender. 
  • Modified front fender.
  • Seat.
  • Side plate holder.
  • Headlight and Dome.
  • Spoiler and front grille.
  • Repositioning the switch on and contact.
  • Front and rear blinkers, fuel cap, foot controls, painting, graphics, etc.


Photos: Álvaro Manén

You can order your own Harley Bobber now!

BASE: Harley Davidson Softail Deuce o any model of Softail   
STYLE: Bobber / Custom

TIME: 90 days aprox.  
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our European location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the American market.