“Trending Topic” based on a Harley by Lord Drake Kustoms in Biker Zone magazine

“Trending Topic” based on a Harley by Lord Drake Kustoms in Biker Zone magazine

Prensa Lord Drake Kustoms Trending Topic

If we search within the new vocabulary that new technologies and social networks have given us in recent years, we will find many new words that have gradually been included in our day to day. One of them is “Trending Topic“, used to list the most current topics within one of the most famous social networks.

Also, it is the name that David Muñoz adopted for his new business project. That is why he contacted Lord Drake Kustoms to customize his Harley Softail Deuce and baptize it with the name of his new adventure.

In the following report that Biker Zone dedicated to this “Trending Topic” in its number 288 you will find more details of this incredible bike.


The Harley of the Hashtag (#)!

Fashion, accessories, elegance, a lot of class and, of course, trending topic, were the key words to carry out this project.

Text: Francisco Alí Manén Ranea – Photos: Alvaro Manén Ranea

A few months ago, David Muñoz, contacted Lord Drake Kustoms in Malaga to tell them the idea he had about making a motorcycle on the basis of a Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce, which he had just acquired. Curiously, this project coincided in time with the launch by David of a new fashion and accessories brand called “Trending Topic”.

After the meeting between David and Francisco Ali, the owner of LDK, both concluded that this bike should be something different from what is usually proposed for Softail Deuce, and especially when this machine was going to be used as a corporate image in the launch of the clothing brand.

“It should be something different from what is usually proposed for Softail Deuce, and especially when this machine was going to be used as a corporate image”

Francisco Alí the challenge excited him for the possibilities it offered and also because the Softail Deuce is his favorite Harley, for being the first he had and because with it he started in the world of customization. And since that first unit, I had never returned to work with another Deuce.

The owner of Trending Topic made it clear that the motorcycle wanted it with a Penaut gas tank, which had to keep the original lenticular rim (which characterizes the Deuce models) and that it should carry the logo of its brand (hashtag).

From there Francisco started working on the project and after several tests it was determined that the motorcycle had to wear a black suit, with the exception of the gas tank that would be white, the usual color of the shirts that accompany this type of costumes … a significant detail and that so well reference to the brand of complements to which it was going to represent.

“To give an elegant and dark touch, it was decided to use darkened intermittent indicators incorporated in the cuffs and of mini dimensions for the rear part.”

It began by modifying and adapting a “Penaut” tank, replacing the ignition and contact and replacing the handlebar with a flat one to give the bike width. Later, the rear part of the chassis was modified and the rear fender type bobber with the LED integrated pilot was manufactured, as well as the floating seat without springs with the “Trending Topic” mark inserted in the rear part. Apart from many other details such as the front tire, the digital speedometer, etc., three elements were incorporated in the front of the bike that would break with the typical bobber look that the motorcycle was acquiring so far and that are: a dome, a keel-spoiler and a front grille. To give an elegant and dark touch it was decided to use darkened turn signals incorporated to the cuffs and of mini dimensions for the rear part.

The result, a motorcycle that, like the complements and the clothes of the brand it represents, is giving and will give a lot to talk about and wherever it goes it becomes a “trending topic” of the event … and as much as they are a pair of cufflinks like a tie or even this magnificent bike.

From Lord Drake Kustoms, we want to thank David Muñoz and the entire “Trending Topic” team for the trust placed in us and above all for the pleasantness that has been working with them in this project.

Thank you very much, good luck and especially that you are Trending Topic for a long time!


Base: Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce 2007 Engine: Twin Cam injection 1595 cc MODIFICATIONS:
Wiring: inside handlebar
Front suspension: change of inner springs, with external covers between seatposts and bellows in bars
Rear suspension: Lowering kit
Wheels: Fat Daddy wheels 21 “front
Escapes: Santee
Air filter: Drag Classic
Handlebars, handles, odometers and indicators (witnesses) Fuel tank: Penaut type
License plate support: lateral
Headlight and dome
Spoiler and front grille
Replacement ignition and contact
Rear indicators, front, cap

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