Springer SDT Vintage in Biker Zone
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Springer SDT Vintage in Biker Zone

oday we bring you a classic custom, our Springer SDT Vintage. A motorcycle based on a Harley Softail that was already a few years old and was made in the facilities of Miami.

We leave you with the report that Biker Zone dedicated to him in his number 242.


A custom “old school” … really!

In recent months many friends and customers asked Francisco A. Manen: “Do you only make coffee racers?” Are you not working with Harleys? … lately we only see you with Triumphs “.

Text and photos: Lord Drake Kustoms

Well here is the response from the Lord Drake Kustoms owner to all those questions: A custom old school with character! A real iron! An authentic Harley, of a purely American style! A Softail Springer Classic … “The Springer SDT Vintage”.

This custom motorcycle at the Lord Drake Kustoms facilities in Miami (USA), has a detail to highlight, it was commissioned by a regular client of Francisco A. Manen: “SDT designs”, which collaborated with LDK to result in this powerful beast Old School. SDT are the initials of the name of the owner of the motorcycle and the aforementioned company.

I did not want to use the typical and cheap after-market Springer hairpins, so it was clear, you had to start with a simple base to choose … a Softail Springer and to make the result more radical and authentic, what better than a Springer Classic .

The first thing was to strip the Softail Classic to the point of removing the oil tank along with all the covers of the engine and transmission, cutting the entire rear of the chassis, to start shaping it.

“The finishes were very simple: steel in its purest state with the oxide that characterizes it and semi-gloss lacquer to protect it in fenders and gas tank”

Rear mudguard, the oil tank plus the connections, the base of the fuel tank, the base and the entire seat, handlebars and exhaust pipes were manufactured by Lord Drake Kustoms. All this is accompanied by a Peanut Tank that was also modified by LDK. The rest of the engine and transmission covers were treated to change from chrome to powder with black texture.

The finishes were very simple: steel in its pure state with the oxide that characterizes it and semi-gloss lacquer to protect it in mudguards and fuel tank, as well as good doses of black Powdercoat with texture or shine and red Powdercoat in the rims of the tires. The seat upholstery was made with the same skin used by Ferrari for the interior panels and console of its cars.

“Soon the American company will be more available to all lovers of their bikes in Europe”

“Only coffee racers? Do I no longer work with Harleys?” Here is your answer … the Springer SDT Vintage.
We must not forget the essence and the soul in the world of customization, and where all this tendency comes from. Without “Harleys” and without “Old School”, today we probably would not know the term “custom bikes” and everything it represents today!

By the way, according to the owner of Lord Drake Kustoms (USA), Francisco A. Manen, soon the American company will be more available to all lovers of their bikes in Europe; LDK will soon open a branch and new facilities in the old continent … where? It is still to be revealed.

Original motorcycle: H-D Softail Springer Classic FLSTSC Year: 2005
Builder: Francisco Ali Manen
Company: Lord Drake Kustoms
City: Miami, FL (USA)
Engine: 88 Twin Cam 1,450 cc Exhaust: LDK
Oil tank: LDK Handlebar: LDK
Rear mudguard: LDK Filter: RSD
Tires: DNA Fat Daddy (16 “back and 21” front)
Tires: Avon Suspensions: del. Springer. Behind trimmed 1 inch Fuel tank: Peanut 3.3 gallons (modified by LDK)
Tank base and location on: by LDK
Seat and base: by LDK Repositioning reels: by LDK Painting and rest of finishes: by LDK
Others: RSD caps, Leds flashers, relocate speedometer, H-D Vintage footrests, Avon cuffs …

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