In this post we talk about the Harley SPORTSTER IRON RED, a custom motorcycle transformed in Lord Drake Kustoms’ specialized Harley Davidson workshop in Malagaand that maintains all the essence of the Sportster Iron 883.

We would say that this time, more than a complete Harley Davidson customization, it has been a restyling, since we have kept many original parts of this 2019 Iron 883, such as the wheels or the gas tank and its beautiful candy red paint.

This transformation of Harley Davidson has turned out to be one of the simplest custom motorcycle modifications that we have made and yet it has attracted a lot of attention among our customers and followers … As we sometimes say: “less is more”.

We have trimmed the subframe to turn this Harley into a single seater and we have manufactured a new very short rear fender, which we have accompanied with another trimmed front fender.

We have installed a Biltwell seat and manufactured a new side arm license plate holder for this Sportster Iron 883. Front led indicators integrated into the handlebar cones, a drag bar handlebar, metal covers for the fork bars between the triple clamps.

Biltwell grips, a Rough Craftsy air filter, exhaust tails with the original manifolds, along with other small details such as the elevation of the fuel tank; have shaped this beautiful Harley SPORTSTER IRON RED.

Regarding the paint, we have decided to keep the original color and graphics of the penaut fuel tank … a beautiful candy red. We have painted the side covers and the two fenders in matt black powder together with other parts of the bike (this electrostatic powder painting job has been carried out by the metalcolors company)

Finally, we haveremapped this Harley Davidson with DIAG4BIKE and we have legalized all custom motorcycle modifications made by homologating the reforms made to this Sportster Iron Red.