Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight converted into a bobber by Lord Drake Kustoms in his Harley Davidson workshop in Spain. This is the custom bike that we present in this report.

Its owner, a girl with very clear ideas, had tried to get a Harley bobber like this in the odd Harley Davidson dealer … but it was impossible.

Right-side view of Harley Sportster 48 Bobber

Finally she found our motorcycle transformation workshop on the internet and called us. He told us he wanted a customized Sportster 48 and was clear that he did not want another Sportster Forty Eight cafe racer as they are doing lately. She wanted a very stylish Harley bobber.

Modifing this Sportster Forty Eight into a Bobber Motorcycle

When we arrived at our custom motorcycle workshop, the first thing we did is lower the height of this Harley Davidson, and for this we installed some 10.5 Burly shocks for Sportster and lowered the front suspension.

Right-view in front perspective of Harley Sportster 48 Bobber

Subsequently, a 25mm drag bar handlebar was installed, the front fender was trimmed, metal covers were installed between the upper and lower triple clamp and the original handlebar risers were modified to fit a motogadget mini odometer.

Odometer detail of Harley Sportster 48 Bobber

At the rear, the entire subframe was trimmed, a tiny fender and a Sportster license plate bracket (both made by LDK) fitted. The diamond-upholstered single-seater Biltwell seat was installed without springs and very low.

Some Vance and Hines shortshots exhausts for Harley, a rough crafts air filter for Sportster, a Led headlight, grips and some thunderbike turn signals under the hand controls, gave that elegant and simple touch that this Harley transformed presents.

Tank detail of Harley Sportster 48 Bobber

The painting was very simple, the whole bike in black that was applied with powder or electrostatic paint. And the Sportster gas tank in light gray with the Harley Davidson lettering in black.

A very simple customization job with a very elegant result that has been legalized through our homologation service for transformed motorcycles.

Sportster Forty Eight Photo Gallery

Sportster 48 Data Sheet

MOTORCYCLE: Harley Davidson 48
YEAR: 2016
DISPLAY: 1200 cc
FORK: Original modified
REAR SUSPENSION: Lowered 10.5 inches
TANK: Original Lifted and painted
SEAT: Biltwell with handcrafted upholstery
ESCAPES: Vance and Hines
REAR WHEEL: Original
LIGHTING: Headlight with bracket, indicators and taillight
SPEEDOMETER: Relocation of speedometer and witness box.

You can buy this Bobber Sportster Forty Eight model now!

BASE: Harley-Davidson Forty Eight
STYLE: Bobber
SHIPPING: Worldwide.