Because of its name “69” and the position it represents, this is the bike transformed more sexual than Lord Drake Kustoms has customized in his Harley Davidson workshop in Malaga to date. A Sportster Bobber.

Sixty-Nine HD Sportster Bobber

An elegant and striking Harley Sportster Bobber

In addition, this Harley transformed in Malaga (Spain) is very attractive because it is a custom motorcycle that, as it was being built, seemed more daring and sexy. Also something rampant and radical, but elegant.

This Sportster Bobber with very casual style and for all audiences (young and less young, bikers and non-bikers) is a perfect custom motorcycle to ride on any street in the most Californian style. While people look at you in your path. With a powerful sound and great joy of walking.

Sixty-Nine HD Sportster Bobber

The “sixty-nine” also has a somewhat radical stance that encourages you to twist the accelerator at the entrance of a highway. It is simply the “69”… sometimes it relaxes you, other times it takes you to maximum excitement!

The secret of this Sportster Bobber “69” is its color scheme

What was clear was that something striking and simple at the same time was sought. That’s why when painting this Harley Davidson, the striking white was combined with the elegant black. In addition, he put a touch of union between both colors in gold (aged) without abusing this color so as not to fall on a vulgar motorcycle.

This motorcycle has been in the second position in the “Sportster” category of the Harley Davidson European Custom Bike Show  “Eurofestival” held in 2014 in Saint Tropez (France).

Sixty-Nine St Tropez

This motorcycle Sportster Bobber-style, with a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 base, is the first of a series of which several units have already been made in the LDK Harley and custom workshop in Malaga. Fran Manen, the owner of the brand, has also customized two bikes of this series at his Harley workshop in Miami.

Technical info:

Name: “Sixty Nine”
Style: Old School / Bobber / Cafe Racer
Brand: Harley Davidson.
Model: Sportster 1200 C.
Engine: 1,200 cc.
Transmission: Chain kit by LDK.
Foot Controls: Forward controls.
Brakes: DNA brake discs.
Front Wheel: 21 ”Rims Fat Daddy.
Rear Wheel: 16” Rims Fat Daddy.
Gas Tank: Peanut 3.3 gallons.
Front Suspension: Modified by LDK.
Rear Suspension: -2 ”lowered.
Front Fender: by LDK.
Rear Fender: by LDK.
Seat: HD.
Exhaust: by LDK.
Air Filter: Dragged.
Speedometer: Joker Machine side mount and stock speedo.
Side Plate: by LDK.
Lighting: Headlight, rear light, turn signals…
Others: handlebar, grips, levers, gas cap, footpegs, spark plug cables, mirrors, etc…


You can order this Harley Sportster Bobber now!

BASE: HD Sportster 1200 (you can use also any HD Sportster 883 model)  
STYLE: Old School/Bobber/Custom

TIME: 60 – 90 days aprox.  
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to USA & EUROPE.

LOCATION: This bike is at our Europe location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the american market.