“Rusty Rush” is a Harley Bobber motorcycle based on a Sportster 883 low and with Old Style touches. This is the bike that Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms) customized and donated for the Charity Gala at the Miami Fashion Week 2019. 

This gala is organized and chaired each year by Antonio Banderas to raise funds for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami and the Fundación Lágrimas y Favores (Tears and Favors Foundation) of Malaga (Spain).

Rusty Rush

A custom Harley Bobber in 72 hours

LDK owner Fran Manen was in his motorcycle workshop in Miami (FL) on Monday morning, when he received a call from Boris, his friend and organizer of the Miami Fashion Week 2019

In that call, he told him that he was invited to attend the charity gala of the famous actor Antonio Banderas to be held in Miami Beach that Friday. 

Boris, also a friend of Antonio Banderas, and as an organizer of the event that would bring together great personalities, told Fran that he would like him to attend the gala dinner. 

That was an opportunity he could not miss, since Lord Drake Kustoms has a lot of prestige in the city of Miami. This is due to the level of their motorcycle customization work and the level of customers for whom they manufacture custom motorcycles.

“Nothing is impossible, let me try and if I can’t, I’ll donate only the Classic Harley of my collection …”

Fran Manen

Fran, delighted with the idea, replied that it would be a pleasure to attend the event but didn’t want to go empty-handed. It occurred to him that he could donate something for the auction. He immediately thought of a Harley Davidson FLH from the 82 he had in his Miami collection. 

Fran Manen with the "Rusty Rush" in the Miami Fashion Week 2019

But Fran, he kept thinking and decided that if he had been invited for being one of the most prestigious motorcycle customizers in Miami, what he had to do was donate a customized, unique and exclusive motorcycle made for that occasion. So he called his friend Boris and said, “I thought maybe I can make one to donate.” 

Boris replied: “It would be great, but today is Monday and the gala is this Friday, it’s impossible, leave it … better on another occasion with more time.” 

Fran replied: “Nothing is impossible, let me try and if I can’t, I’ll donate only the Classic Harley of my collection… I am in Miami, it’s an honor for me to be taken into account for an event of this level and I want to be at the height. In addition, like Antonio Banderas, I am from Malaga and part of the collection is to help a Malaga foundation. So I immediately get to work. ”

The process of creating the “Rusty Rush” Bobber Motorcycle

The rest was very simple, Fran took a custom Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 from the year 2009 that he had in his facilities and immediately disassembled it. “As I disassembled it, I was mentally shaping what the end result would be. “

“… three days practically without sleep and fed with chocolates and cans of Coca-Cola.”

Fran Manen

That result would be more attractive if it was a Harley Bobber or Custom, since in Miami the Cafe Racer or Scrambler-style motorcycles do not yet have enough popularity they have in other places; as it happens in Spain or rest of Europe.

So he designed a simple Bobber and above all that could be done quickly. The rest was crazy; three days practically without sleep and fed with chocolates and cans of Coca-Cola.

Fran Manen at his workshop in Miami with the just in time finished "Rusty Rush"
Fran Manen with his Harley Bobber “Rusty Rush” finished just in time.

All the work was done by Fran Manen and his team at the Harley workshop and custom motorcycles that Lord Drake Kustoms has in northern Miami, specifically in the Hollywood (Florida) area.

A Bobber motorcycle that got a lot of praise and new projects.

The motorcycle arrived in time to appear at the gala to be auctioned, where it caused admiration. Fran received the praise and admiration of the gala attendees to learn the story of how this motorcycle was made in just three days. 

Personalities such as Antonio Banderas, Emilio Estefan, Nicole Kimpel, Juanes or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada attended this gala, to name a few.

Francisco Alí Manén with Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas and Fran Manen

At the same gala, Fran received another commission from one of the guests to ask him to make a motorcycle similar to the auctioned. When asked if they could send it to London from Miami, Fran closed the deal

He told this new client that there would be no problem putting it at the door of his house in London, since Lord Drake Kustoms also has a Harley workshop in Malaga. From there they transform the bikes that are then sent free with their own transport to almost all parts of Europe.


You can order your model now!

BASE: Sportster 883 low. You can use any other model of Harley Davidson Sportster 883 or 1200.
STYLE: Bobber / Custom / Old School
LOCATION: This bike is at our Europe location (Málaga, Spain). We can do the same bike at our USA location (Miami, FL) for the american market.
SHIPPING: Worldwide. Free shipping to EUROPE and USA.
TIME: 60 – 90 days aprox.

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