Today we want to thank and recommend to the company specialized in powdercoating Metalcolors for the excellent powdercoating service that he has given during these years to Lord Drake Kustoms.

Metalcolors - powdercoating

With facilities in Madrid and Malaga, this company has been responsible for the perfect finish on various parts of the cafe racer, scrambler or Harley Davidson motorcycles that we have transformed.

Metalcolors offers a wide range of services for individuals and companies. In addition, they have extensive experience, since they were formed in the US where this type of paint application is most used in sectors such as automotive or nautical.

Metalcolors - powdercoating

What is powdercoating

Powdercoating is ideal for restoration, modification and customization of motorcycle parts. The application in parts such as chassis, tires, spokes, screws, suspension bottles, springs, handlebars and a long etc. is essential to achieve a correct finish. In addition, it provides a hardness and resistance that traditional painting does not give.

Metalcolors - powdercoating

The method

The method of applying powdercoating begins with a chemical treatment and sandblasting, and then goes on to a wash and dry. Once the pieces are dry, the parts that should not be painted are carefully covered and protected. Coated parts, powdercoat is applied and when necessary, primer and / or final lacquer is applied for better quality and protection. Finally, the piece goes through an oven where the paint dries at the necessary temperature and time.

Metalcolors - powdercoating

The Metalcolors work process includes both the collection and delivery of parts to the customer. This is important, since they can accept jobs from anywhere in Spain. This is achieved through courier or personalized collection. In addition, the process of packing the pieces is quite professional and safe, getting the customer to receive their order with complete peace of mind.

Metalcolors - powdercoating

The magic of powder painting is the finishes. There are many types, such as smooth, rough, metallic effects, glitters, matt, chrome, textures, etc … Currently they have 250 finishes and effects in stock and more than 6,000 on request.

So from here we encourage all motorcycle builders to use powdercoating. We want to continue creating these two-wheel wonders with perfect finishes.