Perhaps the largest Cafe Racer Workshop in Spain

Perhaps the largest cafe racer workshop in Spain is Lord Drake Kustoms’motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga. In which, we have carried out a large expansion work that we have recently finished and that currently has almost 600 m2 of facilities.

Best Cafe Racer Workshop

Although for us, the important thing is not the size of a custom motorcycle cafe racer workshop. What is truly important is the quality of the motorcycle modification and transformation work carried out and the quality of the service we offer to our customers.

Entrance to LDK workshop
Lord Drake Kustoms Workshop
LDK cafe racer workshop
motorcycle hall

It is true that due to the large number of custom motorcycle orders we have and to maintain a high level of quality in our cafe racer motorcycle modification work in Spain, we have had to expand our facilities. But that is just one of the many points that can influence when making good motorcycle customizations in Madrid, in Malagaor anywhere in the world.

LDK customer area
LDK customer area

In this post you can see numerous images of how our new cafe racer temple in Spain has been, specifically in Malaga: custom workshop area, cafe racer store, manufacturing and painting area and parts, exhibition of custom motorcycles of scrambler styles, brat, etc.

Lord Drake Kustoms boutique store in Malaga
Lord Drake Kustoms customer area
Lord Drake Kustoms cafe racer shop
LDK office

New cafe racer workshop in Madrid

We are currently working on remodeling the premises that will be our second cafe racer motorcycle workshop in Madrid, which we hope to open very soon and which will allow us to provide a better service to all lovers of custom motorcycles in Spain.

LDK Workshop

More advanced machinery and tools, more square meters of surface, but the most important thing in Lord Drake Kustoms, is the skilled workforce and the passion for this job: motorcycle transformations regardless of whether it is a simple modification ofBMWR100, a Triumph cafe racercustomization or a Harley Davison Bobbermakeover.

Lord Drake Kustoms is the best motorcycle workshop