New Cafe Racer Workshop in Madrid: the capital of Spain

A new cafe racer workshop in Madrid(Spain) will open its doors very soon by Lord Drake Kustoms; and it will become the third motorcycle transformation workshop of the brand owned by motorcycle customizer Francisco Ali Manen.

Fran Manen at his next cafe racer workshop in Madrid

Currently, LDK has two motorcycle customization workshops located in Spain (Malaga) and in the United States (Miami, which was the brand’s first workshop and the one that has given it a boost worldwide).

Cafe racer helmet showcase at the next LDK workshop in Madrid
View of the assembly of the facilities of the new Lord Drake Kustoms motorcycle workshop in Madrid

The constant increase in orders and orders for BMW or Triumph cafe racer motorcyclesfor customers from the entire northern half of the country and especially from the capital, has led to the decision to open a third cafe racer workshop in Spain.

Collection of custom motorcycles in Lord Drake Kustoms workshop in Madrid

We are already working on the preparation of the facilities of what will be the new temple of the motor and the cafe racer in Madrid and that will have a modification and transformation workshop for BMW, Triumph, Harley Davidson and any other brand.

View of part of the surface of the new LDK cafe racer workshop in Madrid
Decorative elements of the new LDK workshop in Madrid

In this new motorcycle modification workshop in Madrid, we will work on all styles: Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Brat, Bobber, etc; and we will be specialized in the customization and modification of BMW R, Triumph Bonneville or Harley Davidson Sportster models.

Cafer racer motorcycles in Madrid at Lord Drake Kustoms workshop

We will also have a cafe racerand custom boutique store with clothing, parts, accessories and all kinds of accessories.

Showcase of helmets and in the background the bar for Lord Drake Kustoms' cafe racer workshop in Madrid

And of course we will have a place where all lovers of the world of custom motorcycles and motorcycles in general can meet, have a coffee and talk about what we like the most: motorcycles, cars and everything that has a gasoline engine!

Classic motorcycle in the new LDK workshop in Madrid

Despite the fact that the current situation caused by COVID-19 has delayed the work of our new premises a bit, we continue to advance little by little and we hope very soon to invite you to visit the new temple of cafe racer in Spain that we are preparing with great enthusiasm.