Lord Drake Kustoms, presents new services in his Harley Davidson workshop in Malaga, due to the growing demand received from his customers.

White Harley Davidson in Lord Drake Kustoms workshop

Although we are not an official Harley Davidson dealer in Malaga, we can define ourselves as one of the best specialist Harley Davidson workshops on Spain.

Vintage Harley at Lord Drake Kustoms Workshop

This is due to the fact that recently, we have incorporated several expert and trained mechanics at “Harley-Davidson University” to our team. In addition to being officially licensed, two of our mechanics have more than 15 years of experience working at a Harley Davidson Dealer.

Yellow Harley Davidson in Lord Drake Kustoms workshop

The main service that we have incorporated into our Harley workshop in Malaga has been the free transport of motorcycles for all our clients located throughout the capital and the entire coast or areas near any of these points.

Harley at Lord Drake Kustoms Workshop

With this completely free door-to-door service, Harley Davidson owners located in the province will not have to worry about having to travel to take or collect their custom motorcycle when they need to carry out maintenance, repair, revision or any other of acting.

Lord Drake Kustoms Harley Davidson Free Transport Van

In addition to this free motorcycle transport service, we also offer it to clients located anywhere in the Peninsula and who wish to carry out a customization or transformation job for Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson at Lord Drake Kustoms workshop in Malaga

We have also incorporated a new ITV service for motorcycles and homologation of transformed motorcycles. Thanks to our own motorcycle transport in Malaga, we take care of getting your motorcycle ready and taking it to the ITV.

Various Harley Davidsons in Lord Drake Kustoms custom motorcycle workshop

So if you were looking for a reliable Harley Davidson workshop in Malaga with a free motorcycle pick-up and delivery service at your door, you already know that Lord Drake Kustoms is your workshop. Take advantage of the winter to customize and tune up your Harley.

We take care of everything!