The Olivares Foundation will have a Harley motorcycle customized by Lord Drake Kustoms to help in their fight against childhood cancer.

This post that we publish today is not to talk about customizing a motorcycle. It is a post aimed at all of you who are parents, uncles, grandparents … or simply think that children are the essence of life.

Today has been a very big day for Francisco Alí Manén and our company Lord Drake Kustoms, because after several months we have managed to make the start of a GREAT PROJECT a reality…. probably one of the most important projects that we will do in our career both personally and professionally… and also in Malaga where we have one of our motorcycle transformation workshops.

Fran Manen and the president of the Olivares Foundation

It is not about transforming a Harley Davidson for a world championship, nor about winning a prize, nor about making a famous motorcycle … it is something much simpler and that cannot be paid with money or with prizes … “The best and most beautiful of this life cannot be seen or touched, it must be felt with the heart”

Spiderman at the Olivares Foundation

Almost a year ago in the midst of a pandemic, a friend and client (thank you David) told us about the difficulties that the OLIVARES FOUNDATION dedicated to supporting children with cancer and sponsored by singer Pablo Alborán and to study the possibility of seeing some way of collaborating with them and meeting Andrés Olivares, their president and founder.

Pablo Alborán is a sponsor of the Olivares Foundation

A few days later we met, talked and after learning about the history of the foundation and, above all, knowing how hard the day-to-day life of these children with cancer and their families can be, we shaped a campaign that begins today.

Today finally, Fran Manen shook hands with Andrés Olivares, president and founder of the Olivares Foundation to kick off a project in which we are going to customize a unique motorcycle, but not unique because of the motorcycle itself, not because it is a Harley or because it has very nice rims … It will be a unique custom motorcycle for what it is going to represent.

Andrés Olivares and Fran Manen

This bike, once finished, will be raffled off and will be the flagship of a great campaign of events that we are going to carry out jointly by the “Olivares Foundation” and our company “Lord Drake Kustoms”.

All the funds raised in the raffle for this customized Harley Davidson and from the rest of the activities will be donated entirely to the foundation, so that they can continue their work to support children with cancer and their families.

A foundation full of Heroes

In our workshopswe have a giant poster of a man almost flying on a motorcycle that says: “4 wheels move the body … 2 wheels move the soul!” … I hope that the two wheels of this motorcycle that we are going to make move the souls of many people and we manage to raise as much money as possible to help these great fighters who take care of our children … Yes, we say ours, it is a problem that you it can touch you, me or anyone….

So fasten your seat belts because we are going to take off in this project transforming and modifying an impressive motorcycle, which we hope will arouse the admiration of everyone and above all that it touches the soul so that we make sure that children suffering from cancer do not lose their childhood.

Fran Manen

PS: Before starting the project, we want to thank Andrés Olivares, Paula and the rest of the Fundación Olivares team for the trust you have placed in us, for the great work and good you do … and above all, MANY THANK YOU for everything you have taught us during the visit to your facilities….

What we have seen today cannot be seen with the eyes… it can only be seen with the heart!

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