Fran Manen, owner of Lord Drake Kustoms, has been one of the guests with Adrián Martín Vega to see the new version (2.0) of the play “Dos hombres solos sin punto com… ni ná”, by Manolo Medina and Javier Vallespin, in the “La Cochera Cabaret” in Malaga.

Totally surprised to attend this magnificent play and an honor to do it accompanied by Adrián Martín and his parents. To all theater fans and especially to humor, we recommend that you attend to see this show, which will make you laugh for two hours without stopping. Congratulations to Manolo Media and Javier Vallespin for their excellent and fun interpretation … ARTISTS with capital letters both! Do not miss it!

In the cover photo: Manolo Media, Francisco Ali Manen, Adrián Martín Vega and Javier Vallespin

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