Lord Drake Kustoms was invited yesterday (02/24/2020) to participate in the “Hoy en Día”, a morning show of Canal Sur TV, the regional television of Andalusia (Spain).

This morning news and entertainment program is presented by Fernando Díaz de la Guardia and Paula Sánchez where they review daily news and discuss current affairs with live connections anywhere in Andalusia.

Fran Manen presented on the set of “Hoy en Día” three of the most iconic motorcycles created in Lord Drake Kustoms: the “Envy” and “Urbantracker” which have won great international awards and the “Harley Agathizada” of which, surely they already know, since It has been one of the custom bikes most talked about this past year.

In addition, his son of only nine years, was invited to take the stage to show that he is willing to follow in the footsteps of his father.