¡Despierta América! with Lord Drake Kustoms

¡Despierta América! with Lord Drake Kustoms

Fran Manen with Francisca Lachapel

Francisca Lachapel, host of the ¡Despierta América! an Univision program, also aroused admiration for two bikes of Fran Manen during the Miami Fashion Week event.

Fran Manen con Francisca Lachapel

The two bikes donated for the Antonio Banderas charity gala in Miami; They were subsequently exhibited at Miami Fashion Week during the whole event and it was there that Fran Manen (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms) and his work with the motorcycles aroused the admiration of personalities such as Francisca Lachapel (actress and television presenter of the program Despierta América! of Univision).

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